Alex Pereira Beats Bruno Silva By Unanimous Decision At UFC Fight Night 203

Kickboxing ace Alex Pereira got the better of Bruna Silva by unanimous decision tonight at UFC Fight Night 203.

Round One:

Leg kick for Pereira. Now one that comes off the guard of Silva. Again he lands to the forearm.

Outside leg kick for Pereira. Silva surges forward with a series of leg and right hands. More leg kicks from Pereira and a front kick to the midsection too.

Right hand through the guard from Pereira. Silva tries to flurry again with punches. Heavy one-two from Pereira and Silva fires off a counter-punch.

Silva lands a hard hook. More leg kicks from Pereira. Now a body kick. Hard right hand from Silva certainly got Pereira’s attention and a left behind it.

Pereira into the clinch and lands a knee to the body, but Silva responds with one of his own. Another knee for Pereira and again Silva returns the favor.

They break apart and Pereira lands a solid front kick to the body. Silva still looking dangerous with his punches. Then Silva attempts a head kick but doesn’t land.

Periera misses a punch and Silva lands a leg kick. Another inside leg kick from Silva. Now he bursts into a takedown attempt and Pereira looks for a guillotine choke as he goes to the mat.

Pereira works to one knee against the cage as he looks to get back up. Silva staying on him with a few punches as he rises though.

Pereira able to get back to striking distance and lets his hands fly, but Silva meets him half-way with his own strikes.

Heavy right hand from Pereira might have troubled Silva and he follows up with more power punches. Silva survives though and we’re heading for a second round here.

Round Two:

Head kick attempt from Pereira and then a side kick immediately afterwards. Silva constantly looking for opportunities to fire back with punches when Pereira attacks.

Pereira with a body punch. Another body punch and then a solid jab upstairs. Grazing right hook from Pereira after another jab.

Crisp counter right hand from Pereira as Silva throws his punch. Pereira really starting to pick apart the holes in Silva’s defense as he lands another right hand counter.

Yet again the right hand lands for Pereira, but soon after Silva lands a takedown. Pereira is quickly able to stand up, but Silva remains clinched up against the cage.

Spinning elbow in close from Silva. Pereira with a knee. A little space and Pereira lands cleanly and Silva tries to swing for the fences in response. Hard knee to the body from Pereira as they clinch up again.

Pereira lands to the body and head. Solid jab for Silva. Another right hand gets through for Pereira. He misses with a power left hook.

Jabs for Pereira. Straight right for Silva. Pereira with another big strike. Silva lands a heavy leg kick and Pereira’s leg buckled a little from that. Silva presses forward throwing left and right hands and then overcommits to his offense and slips to the mat. Pereira opts to go into his guard for the final few seconds.

Round Three:

Left hand for Pereira. Silva wades forward with a flurry of strikes to set up a takedown attempt, but Pereira stuffs it.

Crisp right hand for Pereira. Leg kick for Silva. Silva presses into the clinch. They trade knees to the body. Pereira lands another knee and reverses the clinch. Knee and light punches from Pereira as Silva turns into him again.

Silva tries for an uppercut as they separate but misses. Solid body punch from Pereira and a hook behind it. Now a right hand.

Big punch rocks Silva. Pereira clinching and lands a few hard knees to the body. Silva getting time to recover though against the cage now.

Elbow to the head, body punches and then a series of big punches upstairs, but Silva somehow survives and tries to throw back.

Jab and a left hook from Pereira, then back into the clinch against the cage. He lands a knee to the body, then to the thigh.

Takedown attempt, but they stay upright with Silva now clinching Pereira up against the cage. Silva attempts a takedown, but then abandons that in favor of letting his hands fly. Pereira takes it though and then returns fire. He lands a big uppercut and Silva stops in his tracks for a moment and then backs up.

Pereira tees off again, but Silva digs deep and manages to make it to the final bell.


Solid performance from Pereira here then, winning the striking battle with his superior technique while also fending off Silva’s attempts to outwrestle him on his way to a unanimous decision victory (30-27 x3).

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