Alexandre Pantoja vs. Manel Kape Result At UFC Fight Night 184

Alexandre Pantoja had to keep his activity rate high tonight at UFC Fight Night 184 to ensure he emerged victorious on the scorecards against the debuting Manel Kape.

Round One:

Pantoja with a right hand over the top as he pressures quickly. A brief lull and then another right hand connects for Pantoja.

Now a low leg kick followed up by one to the body. Another kick to the body as he continues to keep Kape on the outside and on the back foot.

Stick and move from Kape. Calf kick for Pantoja. A brief flurry of punches from him to set up a takedown that doesn’t pay off.

Jab and a leg kick for Pantoja. Another leg kick and then a chopping calf kick. Another leg kick and Kape returns with one of his own. Pantoja with a punch to the body.

Two right hands over the top from Pantoja connect. Calf kick on the other side from Pantoja. Now a left hand and kick behind it to the leg.

Inside leg kick from Pantoja and a right hand for Kape. Another flurry of punches from him, but Kape is moving away from that.

Nice uppercut from Kape. Heavy body kick for Pantoja and then back to the low leg kick. Cartwheel kick attempt and Pantoja is able to get on top on the mat from that. They get back up with Pantoja working a knee as the round draws to a close.

Round Two:

Back to the low kick straight away from Pantoja. Nice straight punch now. More calf kicks. Kape lands one too.

Body kick for Pantoja. Kape showboating a little in the center of the Octagon. Another calf kick for Pantoja and Kape returning fire with punches upstairs.

Body kick for Pantoja. Another one lands and that almost strayed to the cup. Front kicks to the body from Pantoja.

Kape lands to the body and upstairs on the other side. Lots of movement from Kape and then lands a leg kick. Rightr hand over the top from Pantoja. He tries a leg kick that’s almost caught.

Nice one-two for Pantoja and Kape also lands on the counter with his quick hands. Front kick to the body for Pantoja and then another kick to the midsection.

Both fighters swing wildly for a moment. Another body kick for Pantoja. Kape leaps into a strike. Body kick for Pantoja. Kape trying a head kick. Pantoja fires back.

Kape in on a takedown attempt. Pantoja gets out of that. Kape tries again, but can’t fully get Pantoja down before the round ends.

Round Three:

Body kick attempt for Pantoja. Quick punch from Kape. Another lands. He tries a spinning kick to the body but it misses.

Leg kick for Pantoja. He reaches for a takedown, but Kape moves quickly away. Left hand again for Kape. Leg kick from Pantoja.

Inside leg kick from Kape. Pantoja with a good punch that snaps Kape’s head back. Body kick for Pantoja. Exchange and Kape landed, but Pantoja scored with two clean punches to the head.

Calf kick for Pantoja, punch from Kape. More leg kicks from Pantoja. Kape with a body kick. Head kick lands for Pantoja and Kape comically pretends to be wobbled.

90 seconds remaining in the fight. Body kick for Pantoja. Quick left hand from Kape. Body punch from Kape. Another kick for Pantoja.

Punches for Kape. Pantoja felt like he’d been eye-poked but they continue. Kape lands straight punches nicely. Kape trying to pour on the pressure late here. Pantoja keeping his composure though.

Kape attempting a takedown. He gets Pantoja down for a second, but then he’s back up and lands a series of strikes while marching forward. Kape trying to put the pressure on again as the round ends.


Kape’s speed was impressive, but Pantoja was the busier fighter throughout and he emerges with a unanimous decision (29-28 x2, 30-27).

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