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Aljamain Sterling Taps Out Cory Sandhagen In First Round At UFC 250

A fired-up Aljamain Sterling pressed the action early against Cory Sandhagen tonight at UFC 250 and got his rewards with a first round rear-naked choke finish.

Round One:

Sterling comes out quickly and lands a leg kick. Sandhagen fires back. Sandhagen with a body kick, but Sterling gets into the clinch and looks for a takedown.

However, Sterling then takes Sandhagen’s back and hops up onto it. He’s dragging Sandhagen down and working an early rear-naked choke attempt here. It looks tight, but Sandhagen is able to break free.

However, Sterling is looking hungry here and he’s setting it up again and this time he gets it tight under the neck. Sandhagen reluctant to tap and waits until the last possible second to do so, which means by the time the ref ends the fight he’s already asleep at 1.28mins of the first round.

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