Andre Ewell Beats Anderson Dos Santos By Decision At UFC Fight Night 154

Andre Ewell showed off his striking speed and accuracy tonight at UFC Fight Night 154 on his way to a unanimous decision victory over Anderson dos Santos.

Round One:

leg kick for Dos Santos. Ewell tries a push kick to the body but comes up short. Ewell working the jab. Clipping left hook for Ewell.

Jab for dos Santos. Both exchange a straight punch apiece. Hard straight left for Ewell. One-two for dos Santos. Swift left hand for Ewell and then a big right behind it.

Ewell with a one-two now. Straight left for Ewell. Great left hand counter again for Ewell snaps his opponent’s head back.

Dos Santos working for a takedown now. He’s trying hard for this, but Ewell does well to defend it.

Back to striking range and they are both exchanging with Ewell landing the bigger strikes here including a nice hook, but it’s all a bit wild here.

Now Ewell lands another big punch and Dos Santos is visibly rocked by that. Now it’s Dos Santos who lands a big punch that stops Ewell in his tracks for a brief moment.

Ewell grins at his opponent as they go back to it. Ewell presses forwards straight into a punch. Body punch for Ewell. Jab and then a long straight from Ewell to end the round.

Round Two:

Jab for Ewell. Straight left for him now as he ducks at the same time. Dos Santos attempts a takedown, but Ewell gets away.

Dos Santos with a leg kick. Three-piece combo from Ewell. Now a jab. Straight left. Inadvertent eye poke from Ewell forces a stoppage.

Jab for Dos Santos and a couple of punches in return from Ewell. Now a high kick attempt from Ewell. Dos Santos with a couple of punches as he pushes forward.

One-two for Dos Santos and then a straight left counter from Ewell. Three punches for Ewell in quick succession. He misses with a few blows after that.

Dos Santos goes for the takedown. It’s stuffed at the first attempt and then he gets him down at the second attempt. He’s working in half guard and then slickly passes to full mount.

Ewell does great to get up to his feet from there. Some showboating from Dos Santos now as he sticks his tongue out at his opponent following an exchange.

Round Three:

Jab for Ewell. Hand fighting and a jab from Ewell. Another jab lands, but then a flurry of punches from Dos Santos and one lands clean.

Clubbing hook for Ewell knocks Dos Santos off-balance. Right hand for dos Santos. Takedown from dos Santos and he gets Ewell down well against the cage.

The Brazilian working inside Ewell’s guard here. Ewell trying to work up to his feet, but has to stay on his back for now as dos Santos drops down punches.

Postured up from half guard here dos Santos lands punches and then moves well to full mount with just under two minutes remaining.

Elbow from dos Santos. Ewell wall walks and gets back to his feet. Good stuff from him, but dos Santos is straight into another takedown attempt against the cage.

Well defended from Ewell to stop that from being completed. Straight left for Ewell. Another straight left connects. Final few seconds and dos Santos comes forward for one final exchange, only for Ewell to tag him with a one-two.


Great performance from Ewell tonight, showcasing lightning fast hand speed and nice get-ups when he was taken down by a game dos Santos, which helps earn him a unanimous decision victory (29-28 x2, 29-27).

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