Andre Muniz Defeats Antonio Arroyo By Unanimous Decision At UFC Fight Night 164

Andre Muniz earned a clean-sweep unanimous decision victory over Antonio Arroyo tonight at UFC fight Night 164 in Brazil.

Round One:

Hard body kick from Arroyo. Now he presses into a series of punches, but now it’s Muniz looking to get the fight to the mat where he’s most dangerous and from his back he starts to immediately work on an armbar.

Arroyo staying on his feet here as he tries to fight this off. Muniz’s grip slipping and Arroyo gets out of it, but Muniz then transitions to attacking a leg and uses that to get up and work another takedown.

Muniz on top now with Arroyo against the cage and trying to stand. Muniz lands a knee and the refereedeems that to be illegal and that forces a brief stoppage. However, replays show that Arroyo’s strike was legal.

The fight is restarted on the feet. Leg kick for Arroyo. Muniz tries for a takedown and it’s stuffed. Muniz misses with a head kick attempt.

Leg kicks exchanged now. Arroyo with a kick and punches to the body. Arroyo trying to stay busy with strikes but then has to defend another takedown attempt.

Body kick from Arroyo. Now a body kick from Muniz. Right hand from Arroyo. Now a leg kick. Front kick to the body.

Muniz lands a body kick. Now a right hand. Hard right lands for Arroyo and then another that seems to hurt Muniz, but it comes right at the end of the round which saves him.

Round Two:

Leg kick for Arroyo. Now a head kick. left hand for Muniz. Body kick for Muniz. he continues swinging with punches as he wades forward and then gets in for a takedown.

He lands it and Muniz takes his back instantly on the mat. Now Muniz with a neck crank. Arroyo fighting through the pain.

Muniz giving up on that, but he has a body triangle in now and starts landing right hands to the head.

Muniz trying to get the arm under again, but then opts to transition inot full mount. Arroyo with a nice escape though and gets back to his feet.

Muniz stays on his back and Arroyo stands over him. Body punch from Arroyo as he slows down the pace here. Muniz trying for an upkick but it misses.

Arroyo into Muniz’s guard now. One minute to go. Muniz almost sweeps on top. Arroyo stays on top for now though, but not doing much with the position.

Not enough action here and the ref opts to stand them. There’s not enough time to go back to striking before the round ends though.

Round Three:

Body kick for Muniz. Kick from Arroyo. Another body kick for Muniz and then in on a double leg and lands it.

Muniz in half guard and just staying busy with light punches and controlling the action in the final round.

Arroyo trying to get out and Muniz takes his back. he’s almost sliding off though as Arroyo tries to get him off.

Eventually Muniz falls off and like the last round he remains on his back and motions Arroyo in. Lack of urgency and action from Arroyo here as he stands over his opponent but does little except for the occasion body punch.

Not enough action from the ref who separates them and forces a stand-up.

Final 10 seconds and Muniz lands a body kick. And that’s the final action of the fight, we’re headed to the scorecards.


Muniz’s solid grappling skills earn him a convincing unanimous decision win (30-27 x3).

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