Andrew Sanchez Defeats Marc-Andre Berriault By Decision At UFC Fight Night 151

Andrew Sanchez wrestled his way to a unanimous decision victory over Marc-Andre Berriault tonight at UFC Fight Night 151.

Round One:

early leg kick for Sanchez. Another lands. He swoops in for a single leg, doesn’t quite get it immediately, but doggedly sticks to the task and does get him down.

Sanchez wrapping up his opponents legs and lands some ground and pound blows. Berriault tries to back away, but Sanchez stays on him.

Sanchez still landing offense, but Berriault manages to work his way back to his feet. Sanchez stays in the clinch though and lands a big knee upstairs. Punches inside from Berriault and Sanchez lands another knee before they break.

left hand gets through twice for Berriault. Overhand left for Berriault now. Leg kick for Sanchez. He lands another takedown, but Berriault gets straight back up and fires back with strikes.

One-two for Sanchez. Now a body kick. Overhand right attempted by Berriault and that’s the final action of the round.

Round Two:

Berriault firing out the jab to start the second round. He lands a body kick. Body kick from Sanchez now. Berriault misses with the overhand right.

Sanchez tries for a takedown, but it’s stuffed. He goes into the clinch and lands a knee. Sanchez with a lazy head kick attempt that doesn’t pay off.

He goes back to the leg kick. Straight right for Berriault. Body kick for Sanchez. Glancing right hand for Sanchez. Solid stepping body kick for Sanchez. Berriault tries to get the thai clinch, but nothing doing.

Looping left hand for Berriault that’s at least partially blocked. One-two for Sanchez. Leg kick for Berriault. Hooks for Sanchez.

Berriault lands a couple of strikes and then as he gets Sanchez up against the cage lands a few more big blows including body work.

Sanchez able to reverse the position though and then unleashes a few strikes of his own. Huge uppercut from Berriault though and then an elbow. Spinning elbow in there too.

Left hook from Berriault as Sanchez backs up. Jab for Sanchez. Missed spinning backfist from Sanchez. Berriault gets a one-two.

Right hand gets through for Berriault. He lands another punch. Left hand for Berriault and a counter punch from Sanchez. Berriault connects with another combination and Sanchez is really getting put in deep water here, but the bell comes as a welcome relief for him.

Round Three:

Leg kick for Sanchez. Light body kick. Leg kick again. He targets the body with a punch. Clubbing right and left hooks from Berriault.

Sanchez into the clinch looking for the takedown, but Berriault stuffs that and lands a knee. In close Sanchez goes for the knee and Berriault lands a punch.

Probing right hands from Berriault. Sanchez in on a single leg takedown. Berriault staying upright against the cage for now as Sanchez continues to work in the clinch.

Sanchez waits for the right moment and goes for the trip and lands it. He’s in half-guard now with his back against the cage.

Berriault standing up, but gives his back to Sanchez in the process. Sanchez unable to do anything with that and Berriault gets his back to the cage with Sanchez still clinched up.

Sanchez still working for another takedown in the final minute, but Berriault is defending it as his opponent goes to his knees and then back up.

Berriault suddenly attempts to pull guard with a guillotine choke attempt, but Sanchez quickly slips his head out and ends the round landing some ground and pound on top.


Both fighters had their moments in this encounter, but while Berriault’s striking made an impact in the second round it was Sanchez’s wrestling that controlled the first and third to ensure his unanimous decision victory (29-28 x3).

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