Anthony Smith Submits Volkan Oezdemir In Third Round At UFC Fight Night 138

Anthony Smith ate some big punches and kicks from Volkan Oezdemir in the main event of UFC Fight Night 138 this evening, but he was also throwing hard shots of his own and then was able to bring his opponent to the mat and submit him to keep his winning streak at 205lbs alive.

Round One:

The main event of the evening is underway in Canada.

Hard leg kick for Oezdemir. Smith in for an early takedown, but Oezdemir defends it as they reverse into the cage, then presses him up to the cage instead.

Knees to the leg for Oezdemir. A few knees in response from Smith. They break free. Leg kick for Smith. Left hand connects for Oezdemir.

Oezdemir with a barrage of blows as Smith covers up against the cage and then gets back to the center of the Octagon.

Leg kick for Smith. Right hand for Oezdemir. Smith unleashing his right hand. Leg kick for Oezdemir and then tries to wade in with punches, but misses.

Overhand right for Smith. eye poke from Smith forces a brief stoppage. Head kick from Oezdemir troubles Smith but he recomposes himself quickly.

Jab for Oezdemir. Right hand for Smith and then Oezdemir wades in with strikes. Oezdemir with some blood around the nose now. Uppercuts fire off from Oezdemir.

Oezdemir into the clinch against the cage and that’s the last action of the round.

Round Two:

Leg kick for Oezdemir. Punch for Smith as Oezdemir lands a body kick. ow another leg kick. Another lands. Good lunging right hand from Smith and then comes with more punches behind it.

Another brief flurry of punches from Smith. Leg kick from Oezdemir. Overhand right and an elbow from Smith, but then Oezdemir lands a takedown.

Smith trying to work for a submission from his back, but Oezdemirsettles snicely on top. Oezdemir leaking blood from a cut to his face, but staying on top for now. However, Smith is working from his back looking for a leg lock and Oezdemir has to stand, free himself and Smith moves to being turtled up on his knees.

Oezdemir staying heavy on top. Not too much happening other than control here as we move into the final minute of the round and so it continues until the horn sounds.

Round Three:

Front kick to the body from Oezdemir. Jabs for Smith. Leg kicks for Oezdemir. Jab for Smith. Both fighters missing with punches. Smith almost catches a kick from Oezdemir, but isn’t able to counter.

Hard right hand from Smith. Now a big right hand from Oezdemir. Right for Smith, uppercut from Oezdemir. Left hand for Oezdemir. Nice sweep from Smith takes Oezdemir’s legs out from under him.

Punch for Smith. Uppercuts from Oezdemir. Leg kick for Oezdemir. Straight right for Smith. Smith in on a takedown and lands it with two minutes to work.

Smith takes Oezdemir’s back. He’s working for a rear-naked choke here. Smith squeezing hard on the choke now. Oezdemir hanging on in there but there’s a minute of the round remaining.

Oezdemir trying to fight the hands and buys himself a little more time, but then Smith finds the opportunity to put his arm even deeper under his opponent’s chin and seconds later Oezdemir is forced to tap out.

High-profile win for Smith then and that makes it three wins in a row for him since moving to light-heavyweight.

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