Calvin Kattar TKO’s Shane Burgos With Big Uppercuts At UFC 220

Calkin Kattar gave the Boston crowd plenty to cheer about at UFC 220 tonight with a big TKO win over Shane Burgos.

Round One:

Burgos feeling out with the jab early, but no connection so far. Burgos with a punch. Jab for Kattar. leg kick for him now.

Burgos with a left right as he tries to break down his opponent’s guard. Kattar with an uppercut. Now a jab. A counter hook connects for him too.

Solid jab snaps Burgos’ head back. Now a solid right hook. Burgos responds with body shots. leg kick for Burgos. Burgos starting to pressure Kattar more ow. Punch lands a body shot. Uppercut for Kattar. left-right for Burgos.

Leg kick for Burgos. Short flurry of punches from Kattar. Body punch for Kattar. leg kick for Burgos. Kattar also looking for low kicks.

Nice punching combo for Burgos. Another three-piece combination. Right hand gets through for Kattar. Burgos to the body then head.

Leg kick for Kattar then two crisp jabs. Uppercut for Burgos. Front kick to the face for Kattar. Burgos pressing forward with more urgency now, but so far Kattar has stayed calm under pressure and has been landing the cleaner strikes.

Round Two:

Kattar working the jab effectively. Leg kick for Burgos. And another couple. Two jabs from Kattar and a body kick from Burgos. Kattar racking up repeated left jabs here.

Now Kattar changes things up and goes for a takedown attempt, but Burgos stuffs that and shrugs of the clinch. leg kick for Burgos. Jab for Kattar, leg kick for Burgos.

Right hand gets through for Burgos. Another right hand and a left too. Harder right scores as he starts to pick up the pace. leg kick for Kattar.

Body shots for Burgos as Kattar is briefly up against the cage. Kattar back to the jab. Burgos shoves him backwards. He marauds forward with body punches and then upstairs.

Burgos can’t seem to get out of the way of Kattar’s jab. He lands a leg kick and Kattar responds with two of his own. One-two to the body from Burgos.

Now a body kik from Burgos. They exchange leg kicks. Burgos keeping up a good pace here.

Round Three:

Both men looking to exchange early in the third. Burgos trying to pick up where he left off in the second, but Kattar suddenly lands a big right hand that leaves him staggering forward, only to then be clocked with a massive uppercut that buckles his legs.

Kattar continues pressing forward to capitalize and lands another uppercut that floors Burgos, with ground and pound to follow, leading to a TKO stoppage with 0.32mins of the third round gone!

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