Christian Rodriguez Beats Cameron Saaimon By Unanimous Decision At UFC Fight Night 230

Christian Rodriguez was able to get the better of Cameron Saaiman in a competitive fight tonight at UFC Fight Night 230 to win by unanimous decision.

Round One:

Body kick for Rodriguez. Low kicks from Saaimon. Rodriguez steps in with a good knee. Brief clinch and then they break apart.

They are soon back into the clinch again via Saaimon, but break away again. Spinning backfist from Rodriguez that’s just blocked in time. Rodriguez now gets a takedown and works for an anaconda choke. He’s trying to finish it, but Saaimon does well to get out of that and get back to his feet.

Back to striking they go. Rodriguez jumps in with a knee to the body. Saaimon steps in and eats a couple of punches. In close Rodriguez lands a knee to the body. Leg kick for Saaimon.

Reaching strike from Saaimon leaves himself open for a right hand from Rodriguez. Body kick from Saaimon. Punch through the guard.

Right hand for Rodriguez and a body kick too. Rodriguez goes for the takedown and switches around to the back, but Saaimon stuffs it.

Nice straight right for Rodriguez. Now a body punch from Rodriguez, who has blood trickling down from a cut close to his left eye.

Saaimon missing with a spinning backfist and then a spinning kick. Saaimon tries for a takedown too without success at the end of the round.

Round Two:

High kick attempt from Rodriguez. Low kick for Saaimon. Right hook gets through for Saaimon. calf kick for Saaimon. Exchange of punches that land from both men. Saaimon reaching for a takedown and Rodriguez threatens with a big knee on the counter. Saaimon unable to stick the takedown so they go back to striking.

Saaimon thinking about the takedown again but Rodriguez looks for an anaconda choke and goes to the mat with it. Saaimon stays calm though and manages to get free of that and roll on top.

There’s a bit of a scramble and Saaimon has Rodriguez’z back now. Another scramble and Saaimon loses position. Now it’s Rodriguez who has the back and looks to land a few punches. Rodriguez tries for a triangle choke, but Saaiman manages to get out of danger.

The scrambling battle continues and Rodriguez has the back again. They look like they might get back up, but Saaimon tries for a leg lock. Rodriguez staying on top patiently though and gets his hand free.

Back to striking range in the final few seconds and they are straight back to throwing punches.

Round Three:

Jumping knee to the body from Rodriguez. Both men looking for a big punch. Rodriguez punches to the body and throws another jumping knee too.

Hard jab from Rodriguez puts Saaimon back on his heels for a moment. Body kick for Rodriguez. Saaimon tries to throw his own and it partially gets caught for a moment.

Nice ripping left hook from Saaimon. Saaimon in close throwing a few more punches. Saaimon with a missed spinning backfist and punches behind it as Rodriguez covers up.

In close Rodriguez throws punches. Another brief flurry from Saaimon with a missed spinning backfist in amongst it.

Low kick for Saaimon. Now a right hand. Knee upstairs from Rodriguez. Rodriguez with a head kick. Flurry for Rodriguez and a nice right hand a few moments later.

Takedown from Rodriguez. Saaimon soon back up though. Jab for ROdriguez. He lands it again. Jab for Saaimon now and a calf kick. Knee upstairs while in close from Rodriguez.

Body kick from Saaimon. Uppercut threatens from Rodriguez. Rodriguez tries for a spinning elbow. He misses with another but lands a right hand as Saaimon threw a body kick.


Good competitive fight then, but Rodriguez seemed a bit effective with his striking, catching his opponent with punches as he was moving in to land his own offense, and also had more success with his ground game than Saaimon.

Rodriguez wins by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28) to hand Saaimon his first career loss.

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