Ciryl Gane Defeats Jairzinho Rozenstruik By Unanimous Decision At UFC Fight Night 186

Ciryl Gane bested a hesitant Jairzinho Rozenstruik over five full rounds tonight at UFC Fight Night 186 to earn a unanimous decision victory.

Round One:

The main event is underway in Las Vegas!

Gane on the outside and light on his feet to start. he misses a leg kick. Nice jab for Gane. Now a front kick to the body, but gets greeted by a flurry from Rozenstruik as he presses forward.

Rozenstruik misses a low kick. Quick jab again from Gane. Inside leg kick from Gane. Fast front kick to the body now.

Body punch from Gane now. Now a body kick attempt from Gane that’s caught by Rozenstruik, who then blitzes forward throwing heavy leather. Gane gets out of danger though.

Gane ducked his head there and Rozenstruik almost caught him. Again in close Rozenstruik is swinging for the fences, but not finding the big connection he’s looking for.

Gane works a kick. Gane thinking about a takedown, but ends up in the clinch against the cage instead. Final minute of the first round. Not too much happening. Gane ducks down for a takedown and Rozenstruik starts to land elbows, at which point Gane immediately revs the engine and does get the takedown. Knee to the chest from him as the round ends.

Round two:

Gane with a light leg kick to the thigh. Fakes from Gane. Rozenstruik sitting back waiting to counter. Front kick to the body for Gane.

Jab and a leg kick for Gane. Oblique kick now. Back to the jab. Inside leg kick now and Rozenstruik tries to respond without landing anything meaningful.

Low kick for Gane and a jab. They exchange leg kicks. Inside leg kick for Gane. Rozenstruik lands two of his own.

Another inside leg kick for Gane that Rozenstruik was looking to check. Jab for Gane after a fake. Now he reaches down for a takedown as Rozenstruik moved forward and drives him into the cage.

Gane practically just hurls Rozenstruik to the mat, but he comes right back up and there’s some wild swings as they throw caution to the wind for a moment.

Leg kick for Gane. Rozenstruik with his back to the cage now as Gane stalks him. Body punch for Gane.

Round Three:

Oblique kick for Gane. Now a punch lands. Kick to the thigh now. Another kick lands. Solid left hand for Gane. Front kick to the body.

Rozenstruik comes forward but doesn’t let his hands go. Kick to the knee from Gane. Now a body punch. Another leg kick. Gane attempted to get in on a takedown, but backs out as Rozenstruik tries to fire off punches in response.

Both men fire a big punch at the same time. Rozenstruik finally starting to show signs of life. Leg kick for Gane. Another kick to the knee. Light body punch from Rozenstruik.

Front kick to the body from Gane. Jab for him. Another lands. Outside leg kick for Rozenstruik. KNee stomp for Gane.

Gane tries to land the straight left. Kick to the thigh from Rozenstruik. Body punch for Gane. Hook and a jab followed by a leg kick from Gane.

Hard jab for Gane. Leg kick and then Rozenstruik fires off a couple of punches in response. Leg kick for Rozenstruik. Hook for Rozenstruik and Gane was countering with a takedown as the round ends.

Round Four:

Kick to the knee from Gane. Now a jab. Calf kick for Rozenstruik, but not much power behind it. leg kick for Gane. Another lands.

Solid jab for Gane. Another kick to the knee. He tries to duck in for the takedown and backs out quickly.

Leaping knee to the body from Gane and almost gets caught on the counter by Rozenstruik. Gane just working behind the jab now. Inside leg kick. He’s content just working at a steady pace since Rozenstruik isn’t really bringing the fight to him at all.

Another inside leg kick for Gane, but misses the jab. Front kick to the body. Outside leg kick for Rozenstruik.

Straight left for Gane. Body punch. Jab and a nasty knee, but unfortunately it lands close to the cup and forces a brief stoppage.

Back to it and Gane works the jab. Leg kick for Rozenstruik. Left hand for Gane. Nice left hook for Gane, perhaps his most impactful punch so far. Nice punch again from Gane. Rozenstruik with a leg kick.

Round Five:

Inside leg kick for Gane. Now a jab. another jab and attempts a head kick too. Body punch now. Jab. Leg kick for Rozenstruik.

Gane misses with an elbow but steps into the clinch against the cage afterwards. He ducks in for the takedown and Rozenstruik immediately threatens with elbows and he goes back to just clinching.

They break apart. Three minutes remaining. jab for Gane. Light leg kick. Snapping jab. leg kick for Rozenstruik. Another jab. Inside leg kick.

Rozenstruik throws a punch and Gane loses his balance but doesn’t really seem to be hurt, maybe just a slip. Gane into the clinch against the cage now.

Knee to the leg for Gane. Another lands. He tries an upward elbow but misses. He steps back then drives into a takedown. Rozenstruik attempting to escape and Gane clinches his back. He drags Rozenstruik to the mat, but he gets straight back up.

Gane continues to press his opponent in the cage and rides out the remaining seconds of the fight.


So, not too much to write home about here, but Gane continues to look assured and took advantage of Rozenstruik’s lack of offense to cruise to a clean sweep on the scorecards (50-45 x3).

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