Colby Covington Denies Having Broken Jaw; Wants To Box 50 Cent

Colby Covington is back after an uncharacteristic spell of silence following his fifth round TKO loss to Kamaru Usman back in December, and he’s still talking as much trash as he ever has done.

One of the biggest talking points coming out of that fight was that Covington had broken his jaw, but that’s something he’s denying ever happened.

“No I didn’t break my jaw in that fight,” Covington told ESPN. “Does my jaw look broken? I’ve been smiling, I’ve been with all my mamacitas.”

When it was pointed out that Covington himself had stated inbetween rounds that he thought he’d broken his jaw, the fighter went on a rant about the commission.

“Is that legal that they can get my corner audio in between rounds? Whether my jaw is broken or it isn’t broken, to get that information in a world championship fight when there’s two rounds left to go. That’s huge information.

“I don’t care if you’re down and you’re completely ready to quit. That’s going to get you right up like, ‘I’ve got this guy on the ropes now.’ That’s f—king corrupt in itself.”

Referee Marc Goddard also came under fire from Covington, who he believes cost him the fight by stopping it in the fifth round.

“Let’s talk about the fifth round. I’m beating his ass again. I’ve won the whole entire fight. The fight is mine. They’re about to wrap the welterweight championship around my waist. Then all of a sudden, I slip on a banana peel and I’m getting hit in the back of the head. Marc Goddard is seeing this right in front of his face. I’m getting hit in the back in the head.

“Go look at the video in the fifth round. I took four shots to the back of the head. I’m completely coherent and I cover up the back of my head. When I cover up the back of my head, he calls the fight. I stand right up and I protest. ‘What are you doing? Why are you calling the fight?’ I’m winning the whole entire fight. There’s less than a minute left in the fight and you see a foul in front of your face and you don’t call it. Then when you don’t see a foul in front of your face, you give him time and throw him a life raft in a river when he’s drowning.’ That’s why he’s named ‘Marc Not-so-Goodard.’”

Naturally Covington has made it clear he wants a rematch with Usman, but he also threw a curveball during the interview by suggesting that he also wanted to have a boxing match with rapper 50 Cent, who was among the celebrities who were most vocal in celebrating after he reportedly broke his jaw in his last fight.

“The only person that’s gotten their jaw wired shut is 50 Cent. If you want to talk about people who’ve gotten their jaw wired shut, let’s talk about 50 Cent. He says, ‘Oh, I got shot nine times.’ If he got shot one time by me, he wouldn’t get back up. 50 Cent is a little (expletive).”

“… He came out after the fight and was talking mad crap on me. He was saying all this stuff about me, talking all this smack. ‘Oh, that “MAGA” fighter Colby Covington.’ He was putting all these Instagram posts up.”

“I want to do a celebrity boxing match,” Covington continued. “I’m going to tie one hand behind my back and I’m going to fight 50 Cent. I’m going to put up $1 million of my dollars. I want to fight 50 Cent in a celebrity boxing match. I’ll donate all of my money to the troops because I love the troops so much. They protect our freedom. They put it all on the line for America. I want to fight 50 Cent.”

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