Colby Covington Puts Jorge Masvidal On Blast

Colby Covington may have apologized to his teammate Dustin Poirier an apology for calling him out recently, but it seems that he’s not willing to end his feud with Jorge Masvidal.

“What’s my message to Jorge, ‘Journeyman’ Jorge Masvidal a.k.a. ‘Street Judas,’ the guy who tried to stab me in the back for money and business?” Covington told Submission Radio. “You got your ass-whooping waiting, buddy. You got your 10 seconds of fame. They’re up. You hit lightning in a bottle. But let’s look at your record, buddy. You got double digit losses on your record. You’re a 50/50 average mediocre fighter. Stop acting like you’re so great, you ain’t great. You know what happened when we used to train for the last eight, nine years. There’s never been one second where you have ever beat me.”

Masvidal has previously said they could settle their differences on the street, but Covington wants to make sure it happens in the Octagon instead.

“So, if you want to get embarrassed in front of the world, let’s do it, because Jorge keeps talking about wanting to fight in the streets. It’s like, dude, if we fight in the streets who’s going to pay your medical bills, Jorge? At least if we fight in the UFC octagon I’m gonna break your jaw, I’m gonna rearrange your face, and the UFC will cover your medical bills. So, let’s leave our business in the octagon. But he doesn’t want to fight me in the octagon, he knows better than that.”

Since these comments the ATT camp have put a ban on fighter’s calling out there teammates, with the punishment for breaking the rules being that the person will be asked to train elsewhere, so it’ll be interesting to see if the outspoken Covington can keep his thoughts to himself from now.

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