Colby Covington Turns Down Short-Notice Fight Against Leon Edwards

Leon Edwards had been hoping that Colby Covington would step in on just a few weeks notice to fight him at UFC Fight Night 187 on March 13th, but it seems that ‘Chaos’ has no interest in that plan.

“‘Leon Scott’ hasn’t earned anything,” Covington told Submission Radio while continuing his tradition of purposefully getting his rivals’ names wrong. “I’m in the Colby Covington Incorporated championship business. I’m not in the Leon Scott charity business. This isn’t charity hour, man. I’m fighting at the top of the mountain. I’m fighting the best in the world. Did ‘Marty Fakenewsman’ get a call from the president (Donald Trump) after his last fight? Oh geez, I wonder why? Because he sucks, he’s irrelevant. So, I’ve done things no one has ever done in this sport.

“I’m not doing charity business no more. It’s not my fault this kid hasn’t fought in two years. It’s not my fault this kid – there’s people from England fighting all the time in the pandemic, they’re not scared to fight. So, I’m not doing charity for this guy who hasn’t fought in two years. He’s irrelevant, he’s beat a bunch of bums, and I’m not doing charity. This isn’t charity hour, this is (expletive) championship (expletive) pay-per-view hour.”

Instead, Covington is targeting a rematch against current champion Kamaru Usman, and has been left baffled by the champion’s indication that he wants a rematch with Jorge Masvidal instead.

“You’re gonna give ‘Street Judas’ Masvidal, the same guy that you were talking on the phone with me and saying he’s the hardest guy in the world to deal with, he’s the next Diaz. He only wants to fight once every two or three years. You’re gonna reward that guy? He hasn’t fought since that fight, a year. And that fight goes the same way every single time. You want to do that same exact outcome again? For what? What’s the point? Six days, six months, six years, that fight’s the same every single time.

“The people want to see one fight, they want to see the rematch, ‘Marty Fakenewsman,’ Colby ‘Chaos’ Covington Part 2. Are you (expletive) kidding me? It’s a joke. It was the biggest corruption in the history of the sport. Are you kidding me? I was destroying him. He got lucky, and he knows that. He got life rafts thrown to him multiple times. Why doesn’t he want to run it back with me? Oh, because I’m the toughest dog in the pack. If I was the easy dog in the pack he’d be coming after me, but he’s not.”

“Let’s talk about real business, let’s not talk about charity business no more,” Covington continued. “I deserve and I earned a fight for the world title. I just destroyed the former champion, finished him like nobody’s finished him before in the UFC. I came back and won a fight, what has Jorge Masvidal done besides sit on the sidelines and fake (expletive) pull out of fights?

“He’s scared to fight. He knows he’s washed up, he’s a journeyman. He’s looking for one more pay day. No one wants to see that guy fight for the title, they know what’s gonna happen. It’s gonna be the same exact outcome. And why reward a coward like that? A guy that’s blatantly scared to fight?”

Usman vs. Covington II does sound like the more appealing match-up from a competitive standpoint, particularly given that the last bout between the two was so competitive.

However, for now the more pressing concern is whether the UFC can get a suitable opponent for Leon Edwards next month to give him a chance to extend his current eight-fight winning streak in the division.

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