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Dana White Shuts Down Tyron Woodley’s Claims About Nate Diaz Fight

Earlier this week UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley told ESPN that the UFC were in talks to have him fight Nate Diaz in the summer, but Dana White has moved quickly to deny that’s the case.

“He’s full of s–t,” White stated on the UFC Tonight show on FOX Sports 1. “That fight was never made. [Tyron Woodley] couldn’t be more wrong. He couldn’t be more full of s–t. It’s absolutely not true. It’s so not true that our lawyer actually his manager up and said he needs to stop saying these kinds of things cause it’s absolutely not true.

“I wouldn’t bet a nickel on it let alone his house. It’s not true. It’s completely not true and we’re looking at [Rafael] Dos Anjos. Dos Anjos is the fight that we’re looking at for Woodley. That’s the fair fight. He just won a great fight against Robbie Lawler, he looked good and what I love about that fight is I think Dos Anjos will bring it. He will come after Tyron Woodley and it will be a great fight. That’s the fight that’s going to happen.”

However, Woodley has since insinuated that White not be telling the truth.

“Cause Dana has never told a lie in his life [🤔]” Woodley wrote on Twitter. “Maybe we should ask @NateDiaz209 if they offered me him.”

Meanwhile, Rafael dos Anjos couldn’t resist taking a verbal jab at Woodley, who had claimed that he would ‘bet the house’ that he was going to fight Diaz next.

“@TWooodley looks like you gonna lose your house 😂😂😂 #youcantduckme,” RDA wrote.

It didn’t take Woodley long to fire back though.

“And you are going to lose your consciousness,” Woodley responded. “You are light work, and shouldn’t cross your fingers. I’ll get to you when I’m ready. I thought we decided u arent good at trash talk. Just stop. I feel bad for you. “Robbie” was suppose to take the fight to me too. You will be worse!”

“You just got busted on live tv, I’m the one that feel bad for you, I don’t trash talk I talk the truth,” Dos Anjos replied.

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