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Daniel Cormier Overpowers Volkan Oezdemir In Second Round At UFC 220

UFC light-heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier successfully defended his title tonight at UFC 220 as he finished Volkan Oezdemir by TKO in the second round.

Round One:

The light-heavyweight title fight is underway in Boston!

Oezdemir pumps out the jab and then swings for the fences, but Cormier ducks under that offense. Left hand for Oezdemir. In close Oeezdemir gets off a few punches.

left hand for the challenger. Cormier just looking to weather this early storm from the Swiss fighter. He throws up a kick. Oezdemir back on the offensive again. Cormier being backed up at the moment, at least for a moment.

Now Cormier is marching forward, but he’s unable to get into clinch range so far. Overhand for Cormier backs up Oezdemir. He looks for more, though doesn’t quite connect.

Cormier almost sets up a clinch opportunity, but for now Oezdemir is keeping him at bay. Oezdemir starting to slow down a bit more now, but he does try for a head kick.

Body punch for Oezdemir. Now a leg kick. Hard right hand from Cormier. Oezdemir looking a little flat-flooted all of a sudden.

DC lands a few more punches and Oezdemir wobbles backwards from a left hook. Cormier looking for a finish now, but Oezdemir fires back showing he’s still in the fight.

Good punch for Cormier. Now the champ looks for a takedown. Oezdemir defends initially, but then DC does get him down. Final seconds of the round and Cormier manages to seize on Oezdemir’s back as he’s attempting to stand and then sinks in the rear-naked choke, but he’s going to be saved by the bell.

Round Two:

Oezdemir with a jab. nice left from Cormier. DC transitions into the single leg and brings the challenger to the mat early. Immediately the champion gets to full mount.

However, Oezdemir does manage to get him back to half-guard. DC passes back to side control. Now he’s landing a few punches after getting the crucifix. An onslaught of short right hands from Cormier and Oezdemir is trapped and has no answer for this, so the referee rightly steps in and ends the fight at the two minute mark, handing Cormier a TKO Victory to retain his title.

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