Daniel Marcos Defeats Davey Grant By Split-Decision At UFC: London

Daniel Marcos narrowly preserved his unbeaten record today at UFC: London against Davey Grant via a split-decision verdict.

Round One:

Grant steps into a low kick. He looks for an inside calf kick now. Heavy calf kick from him and then one in return from Marcos that landed nicely.

Grant taking the center of the Octagon early here. He goes for a push kick and now a high kick. Marcos with a chopping leg kick that takes Grant off his feet for a moment.

Grant tries a head kick that’s blocked. Now a spinning backfist attempt from him that doesn’t pay off. Grant rushes into a stepping calf kick.

Calf kick for Marcos. One from Marcos now. Grazing punch from Grant and Marcos lands a hard calf kick. Grant tries to get that back with one of his own. Marcos low kicks have clearly been making an impact so far though.

Front kick to the body from Grant. Grant with a jumping knee to the body now. Low kick from Marcos, but Grant counters with a punch this time.

Marcos starting to apply some pressure now. He chops at the calf again. Lunging punc from Grant. Low kick from Grant.

Big hook from Marcos threatens and Grant fires back. Grant with a spinning kick but loses his balance.

Round Two:

Front kick to the body for Grant. Now a side kick to the midsection. He just misses with a counter hook as Marcos was darting in.

Flying knee attempt from Marcos misses. Grant misses on a committed punch and Marcos catches him with a couple of punches on the counter.

Grant back to the leg kick. Jab for Grant. Now an inside leg kick. Jumping knee from Grant misses and he eats a punch for his troubles.

Grant’s nose bloodied nows as they continue to engage in the striking battle. Counter right hook from Grant. He lands another couple of hooks.

Low kick for Grant. Marcos misses on a loaded-up overhand. Grant with a couple of nice connections. Marcos just ducks under a head kick attempt.

Heavy kick from Marcos but unfortunately for Grant that landed to the groin and forces a brief stoppage so he can recover.

He’s soon back to it though. left hand lands for Grant. Punch from Marcos comes off the forehead. Side kick to the body at close range from Grant.

A couple of short hooks from Grant as Marcos was looking to clinch. Jab for Marcos. Now a calf kick from him. Right hand for Grant. Quick punch lands for Marcos.

Head kick attempt from Grant misses. Good right hand from Marcos as Grant is becoming increasingly bloodied from that earlier cut to his nose.

Round Three:

Jab lands for Grant. Spinning kick misses. Marcos lands a jab to the nose. Grant drives into a takedown attempt against the cage, but Marcos defends and gets away throwing kicks.

Grant punches to the body. Now a jumping knee to the midsection. Head kick attempt is blocked and then a front kick to the body.

Jab lands for Marcos. Big jumping knee from Marcos almost grazing the chin of his opponent. Jab for Marcos after a little showboating.

Spinning backfist from Grant is blocked and follows up with a couple of strikes behind it.

Inside leg kick from Grant. Jab for him. Inside leg kick. Marcos popping the jab at that bloody nose.

Jab for Grant. Leg kick from Marcos and Grant trying to punch in return. Right hook for Grant. Front kick to the body. Bit of a wild exchange in close without either man landing cleanly.

Body kick for Grant. Grant rushes into a punch to the body. Right hand over the top from Marcos. Jab from him. Calf kick from Grant.

Grant fires off a few hooks but misses and Marcos lands a takedown. Grant quickly back to his feet and pressuring though.

Spinning kick attempt from Grant. Grant raising his hands to the crowd for a moment and then back to striking in the final seconds of the fight.


Grant pushed a hard pace from start to finish there with an array of strikes, but while Marcos wasn’t as active he was very accurate with his offense when he did unleash it and also had his opponent bloodied due to a cut on the nose in the second round.

So it’s a close call as We head to the judges to decide the winner and in Marcos’ who emerges victorious via split-decision (29-28 x2, 28-29).

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