Dustin Poirier TKO’s Conor McGregor In 2nd Round At UFC 257

Dustin Poirier avenged a loss to Conor McGregor tonight at UFC 257 as he TKO’d him mid-way through the second round.

Round One:

Here we go, the eagerly awaited main event is underway on Fight Island.

McGregor with a left hand t ostart. Poirier with a leg kick. McGregor looking to strike, but Poirier lands quickly.

Poirier moves in and lands an early takedown. McGregor moving back towards the cage. He gets his back to it, but Poirier is keeping him down for now. McGregor stays calm and does manage to stand back up. Now he reverses the clinch position. Poirier with a shoulder shrug, but then McGregor lands a harder one of his own as he did to Donald Cerrone a year ago.

Another exchange of shoulder shrugs and then Poirier reverses the cage clinch. He lands another shoulder shrug. Heavy knee to the body from McGregor. He lands two more without quite the same impact.

Poirier would like a takedown here, but not happening for now and McGregor reverses the clinch position again and lands another powerful shoulder strike. Hard foot stomp from McGregor.

A couple of left hands from McGregor. Now a nice elbow strike as he breaks away to striking range.

Center of the Octagon. Punch for McGregor. Left hand for McGregor and then a big uppercut that definitely got Poirier’s attention.

Quick jab and a body punch from McGregor. Another jab. Calf kick for Poirier. Another punch for McGregor but then a check hook from Poirier.

Short flurry of punches from McGregor. Fast left hand for the former champ. Spinning hook kick from McGregor comes off the guard of Poirier.

Jab for Poirier and again. Now a low kick for him as the round ends.

Round Two:

Jab for McGregor. Calf kick for Poirier hurt McGregor. He responds with hard strikes though. Calf kick again from Poirier. Now McGregor lands a calf kick of his own. Poirier tries for the low kick, but this time McGregor partially kicks it.

Poirier misses a punch and McGregor lands on the counter. Body kick from Poirier. McGregor lands to the body. Calf kick for Poirier, but McGregor catches that one.

Again the calf kick attempt from Poirier and again McGregor catches it and lands a punch. Poirier lands a jab. Now a left hand. Low kick for Poirier.

Jab for McGregor. Inside leg kick for Poirier. Missed punches from McGregor as he loads up. However he does then land a left hand. Leg kick for Poirier. McGregor’s leg is beat up.

Left hook for Poirier and that appears to have hurt McGregor. Poirier landing more punches. McGregor in big trouble here. Poirier continues to tee off on him. He’s landing repeatedly and a right hand puts McGregor down close to the cage.

Poirier lands another right hand to the grounded McGregor and he slumps as the ref moves in quickly to stop the fight! Poirier has upset McGregor and handed him his first loss in the UFC by TKO at 2.32mins of the second round.

The calf kicks from Poirier really took a visible toll on McGregor and then a big hook set the stage for ‘The Diamond’ to deliver a grandstand finish that will no doubt haunt his opponent for years to come.

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