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The MMA Fighters Who Enjoy Gambling Games

MMA fighting became increasingly more popular over the past decade. Before MMA the most entertaining fighting sports were boxing, and the fighting show let’s say WWE. And while boxing follows a strict set of rules and does its best to mitigate potential injuries, it was clear that people wanted more. WWE looks more savage but at the end of the day, it is scripted and performed by professional actors. With MMA the stakes are much higher and we see time and again just how severe some matches can be. 

As this sport became more popular, more sponsors came on board to support the events. So, even casinos are looking for gambling enthusiasts among the athletes who can potentially act as brand ambassadors. Here we will list some of the MMA fighters who enjoy casino games and who love big wagers. 

Why Are Casinos Popular among MMA Fighters? 

First and foremost casinos tend to be popular among all social groups, actors, athletes, desk workers, even college students. It’s just that gambling is often looked upon as irresponsible spending, so those with nine to five jobs don’t visit or play at a casino quite frequently. As for MMA fighters, they do need some activity to unwind and enjoy, and they do have enough cash to afford this expensive form of entertainment. 

Moreover, playing with real money always makes the stakes higher so when they gamble it can be just as adrenaline-rushing for them as it is for you. To that end, it can be useful to know some secrets about casino games and figure out how to maximize your odds. All things considered, these games always had a unique allure and thrill to them, and even the strongest among us find it hard to resist. 

Connor McGregor

At this point, it’s hard to imagine that Connor is not a casino goer. He is one of the highest-paid athletes in the world, and he really loves to show off his lavish lifestyle. He recently bought an expensive watch that is designed to look like a roulette wheel, and he has been promoting gaming websites for quite some time. He has built this persona that loves to live wild, enjoys drinking whiskey, and never back off from a fight. He is another reason why MMA became so popular in the first place. 

Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Just because someone is a great MMA fighter doesn’t mean he is going to do well if it only came down to boxing. Floyd Mayweather demonstrated this to Connor McGregor in 2017. Floyd also enjoys betting, especially on himself, which he did in the fight against Connor and made 275 million dollars. He also loves to bet on other sports and matches, and he loves to bet big, we are talking hundreds of thousands.  

However, is betting on yourself or betting on the sports you love the same as gambling? When we talk about casino games and gambling we usually think of slots and roulette. In fact, the majority of enthusiasts play slots because they are fast-paced and don’t require a skill. If you also enjoy this type of content you can investigate these fastest payout online casinos, as they offer easy and quick access to your winnings, as well as top tier games. Many athletes who enjoy gambling actually prefer table games, more specifically poker. 

This is mostly because these are competitive people who love to test their own wits against other players. The same can be said for betting, as guessing the outcome, also takes a lot of knowledge.  

Anderson Silva

anderson silva ufc 200

Anderson is among the top fighters of all time, and he got the nickname spider. He was basically the reigning champion from 2006 to 2013, and he was also known for his passion for betting and gambling. He acted as a brand ambassador for a lot of sports betting operators and supported them via his social media accounts. This was more of a side-gig as he was extensively promoting them at the start of his career. Furthermore, he was seen at a casino multiple times, so at least these promotions were genuine.  

Dana Frederick White Jr.

This is an important figure in the UFC world as we all know, and whether you believe it or not, Dana is a huge fan of blackjack. In fact, he spoke about this on a few occasions. He loves high stakes and the ability to make a calculated decision when those stakes are high, which makes him an amazing businessman as well. It’s one of those games that’s easy to learn but hard to master and those who know Dana can vouch that he is an incredible blackjack player.  


These were some of the famous fighting athletes who love to spend their time and cash on casino games. Of course, you should always keep in mind that this is just a hobby and that people should always gamble responsibly. Because of the gambling problems that receive more attention the entertainment aspect of these games tends to be pushed aside. So, if you also enjoy this hobby, do it for fun, otherwise, you are doing a disservice to something you like.

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