Fox New’s Sean Hannity Shows Dana White His Terrible Martial Arts Training

Dana White was interviewed by Fox News Sean Hannity yesterday during a segment in which they both panned The New York Times for their critical coverage of the UFC’s recent events.

Hannity also questioned White about the possibility of fans being allowed to return to events in the near future, suggesting temperature checks and masks as one potential solution, though even White seemed hesitant to get onboard with that as things stand.

However Hannity’s interviewed saved the best, or indeed worst, until last when he brought out footage of his own martial arts ‘training.’

“It’s a combination of Krav (Maga), Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kempo, Boxing, but I do a lot of situational training,” Hannity said as he also informed White that he’d been practicing 5-6 times a week for seven years.

White expertly dodged Hannity’s attempts to get him to rate his skill-level, instead opting to praise him for trying to learn self-defense as video showed the Fox News presenter hitting mits with such a lack of form and technique that it appeared as if he’d never trained a day in is life.

Meanwhile, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith is no doubt breathing a sigh of relief that fans attention has now been taken away from his equally embarassing footage from earlier in the year.