Francis Ngannou Demolishes Stipe Miocic In Second Round At UFC 260

Francis Ngannou is the UFC’s new heavyweight champion after his second round destruction of Stipe Miocic tonight at UFC 260 in Las Vegas.

Round One:

The heavyweight main event of the evening is underway in Las Vegas.

They stand at range to start. Heavy leg kick from Ngannou. Two hard body shots from the challenger. Now another leg kick.

Miocic remaining patient on the outside. He lands an inside calf kick. Body punch for Ngannou. Thunderous right hand from Ngannou and somehow Miocic takes it well.

Inside leg kick again from Miocic. Miocic ducks under a punch and works for a single leg. Ngannou defending nicely though and sprawls on him.

Now Ngannou is hammering away at him with big ground and pound blows, but Miocic quickly works to his feet and escapes.

Ngannou with a head kick attempt. Low leg kick for Miocic. Jab for Ngannou. Another lands. Inside leg kick for Miocic.

overhand right attempt from Ngannou just comes up short. Miocic with the inside leg kick yet again and just avoids punches in return. He’s reluctant to throw punches himself right now. No doubt he’s hoping Ngannou tires himself out, but for now the pace isn’t all that high.

Outside leg kick from Ngannou lands solidly. inside leg kick from the champ. Front kick upstairs attempted by Ngannou. One last solid leg kick for Ngannou to end the round.

Round Two:

Ngannou loads up on a right hand, but Miocic was backing away. Jab for Miocic, but Ngannou was working a leg kick.

Miocic with a punch. Ngannou lands a right hand and then a stepping jab that drops him momentarily and then rebounds off the cage.

Miocic reats an uppercut, resets and lands a glancing blow, but then tries to rush in and capitalize on that only for Ngannou to connect with a short left hand that topples him violently to the canvas, with Miocic’s leg almost getting stuck underneath him on the way down.

Miocic is done, but Ngannou seals the deal with one nasty follow-up punch on the mat, securing the KO victory at 0.52mins of the second round.

We have a new heavyweight champion, and a very scary one at that. Jon Jones has a helluva fight on his hands if he does still follow through on his move up to heavyweight!!

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