Glover Teixeira Submits Ion Cutelaba In 2nd Round At UFC Fight Night 150

Glover Teixeira survived an early onslaught from Ion Cutelaba tonight at UFC Fight Night 150 and then turned the screw as he went on to secure a second round submission victory.

Round One:

Big head kick lands for Cutelaba early. Now a push kick for him to the body and another head kick attempt that doesn’t land this time.

Teixeira looks to clinch and go for a takedown, but Cutelaba stuffs it and throws a knee. Teixeira tries for another takedown and Cutelaba sprawls on that nicely. Teixeira stays in the clinch landing punches, but Cutelaba does too.

In close Teixeira lands, but then Cutelaba lands even heavier with a knee and then punches upstairs. He’s definitely getting the better of the stand-up action so far.

Punch lands clean for Teixeira, but then Cutelaba counters with a spinning backfist that hurts him and he goes down shortly afterwards with Cutelaba almost landing a knee before it became illegal as he went to the mat.

Cutelaba looking to pour on more offense, but Teixeira drives upwards and presses forward into an immediate takedown of his own to show he’s still in this fight.

Back on the feet they go and Teixeira is still looking for some time to fully get his bearings back and after that early exertion Cutelaba gives him it.

Towards the end of the round Teixeira manages to land a good punch and pressures forward for more as Cutelaba shows signs of slowing down after that fast start.

Round Two:

Right hand for Teixeira. One-two for Cutelaba. Sort right lands for Cutelaba. However, then Teixeira lands a big punch and hurts Cutelaba, but he stays upright.

Cutelaba with a punch and then a front kick to the body. Right hand for Teixeira. Another right for him as Cutelaba throws back.

The right is really finding a home for Teixeira at the moment. Single leg attempt from Teixeira that doesn’t pay off and as he looks to get back from his knees after that Cutelaba just misses with what would have been an illegal kick.

Big one-two for Teixeira. Now he lands a right hand, but a little sloppy and tired looking there. Front kick to the body for Cutelaba>

Hefty hook lands for Teixeira. Another powerful hook connects for him and Cutelaba showing an impressive chin here. Teixeira presses forward and is able to shove Cutelaba to the mat.

Best part of a couple of minutes to work for Teixeira. He quickly starts to work on passing through Cutelaba’s guard and promptly ends up in full mount.

He lands a few ground and pound blows and then as Cutelaba gives up his back he flattens him out and applies the rear-naked choke, producing a quick tapout from his opponent to claim the submission victory at 3.37mins of the second round!

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