Jamal Pogues Earns Decision Win Over Josh Parisian At UFC Fight Night 219

Jamal Pogues made a successful start to his UFC career tonight at UFC Fight Night 219 with a unanimous decision victory over Josh Parisian.

Round One:

a few leg kicks exchanged to start the fight. Then Pogues bursts nicely into a takedown and is immediately settled into side control.

Parisian able to get to half-guard and tries to get his back onto the cage. Pogues shuffles forward and works for a guillotine choke. He gives up on that though as Parisian manages to work back to his feet and get back to striking range.

Front kick from Parisian lands to the head. Pogues ok though and tries to fire back with punches.

Pogues goes into the clinch but then backs off as Parisian was looking to throw an elbow.

Head kick attempt from Pogues as Parisian was stepping forward. Pogues into the clinch pressing Parisian into the cage.

They break free, but not for long as Pogue manages to land another takedown soon after. He’s in half-guard in the final seconds of the round here and is happy to settle for that rather than working for significant offense.

Round Two:

Parisian revealed he has some broken toes after that first round, but he’s ok to continue. He throws an early kick in the second round to prove that.

Pogues trying to work for a takedown but nothing doing. However, he goes for it again soon after and lands it with authority this time around.

Parisian able to get back up to his feet, but Pogues brings him right back down again and is in half-guard close to the cage.

Parisian able to get back up. Pogues briefly back into the clinch and then at striking range again. Jab lands for Pogues. Brief clinch and then separation again.

Parisian pressing forward and Pogues clinches again. Parisian with a couple of hooks that miss but help him break free.

Now it’s Parisian clinching up against the cage, but Pogues pushes him away. Spinning backfist attempt from Parisian doesn’t land with any meaningful power and he ends the round back in the clinch.

Round Three:

Nice triple jab from Pogues. Kick from Parisian lands to the groin and Pogues needs a little time to recover.

Parisian lands a couple of jabs and a straight on the restart. Pogues firing back. Parisian with straight punches.

Both look to strike again and Pogues is quicker to the punch. Pogues drives into a takedown and lands it.

Pogues moves to full mount. Parisian does well to get back to half-guard. Parisian on his side and starts to work to his feet, which he does. Pogues greets him with a knee and stays in the clinch against the cage.

Elbow from Pogues as he exits the clinch. They go back to it though and now it’s Parisian who is pushing Pogues into the cage.

Spinning backfist from Parisian on the exit. Tired punch from Parisian. He lands a nice uppercut. Now a jab. Jab for Pogues now.

Parisian briefly into the clinch. Good elbow for Pogues. He tries for a takedown but Parisian stays on his feet.

Parisian throws a punch and tries for a takedown. He gets Pogues onto one knee and lands a few punches in the remaining seconds.


We’re headed to the scorecards and it’s the debuting Pogues who gets the win via unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28).

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