Jared Cannonier TKO’s Durable Nick Roehrick In Third Round At TUF 25 Finale

Jared Cannonier earned a third round TKO victory over durable late-replacement Nick Roehrick tonight at the TUF 25 Finale.

Round One:

Roehrick comes up a bit short with a few punches as he tries to find his range. Solid jab lands for Cannonier.

Right hook connects for Cannonier. Double jab for the late replacement Roehrick. Overhand for Reoherick misses.

Cannonier comes pressing forward with purpose, but Roehrick sticks him with a couple of right hands.

Cannonier backs Roehrick to the cage and lands some heavy leather that snaps his opponents head back. Roeherick already sporting some redness around his left eye.

One-two for Roehrick. Cannonier steps into a right hand that lands. Cannonier works a couple of punches to the body and Roehrick counters with a punch upstairs.

Jab lands for Roehrick. Right hook partially connects for Cannonier. Cannonier gets his head off-center to avoid a couple of punches.

Roehrick gets into the clinch, but cannonier reverses the position. Back to striking range and both land a jab as the round comes toa close.

Round Two:

JAb for Roehrick. leg kick lands for Cannonier. Cannonier starting to talk to Roehrick in the cage and lands his own jab.

Solid leg kick for Cannonier. Big left hand from Cannonier, then targets the body and back upstairs again. Nice work for him and he’s looking confident, but has to be careful not to get caught with his hands down.

Right hand landing for Cannonier now. Left hand lands for Reohrick. Crushing right hand from Cannonier. He drags Roehrick to the mat and starts hammering him with big punches. Roehrick working to his feet and showing great heart to stay in the fight despite having eaten some really big shots.

Nice jab for Cannonier. Roehrick’s face smeared with blood. Cannonier continuing to work the jab here. Roehrick lands his own jab too though.

Right hand for Cannonier, but Roehrick counters with one of his own. Cannonier pressing Roehrick up against the cage for a few seconds, then separates again. A couple of big uppercuts land simultaneously towards the end of the round.

Round Three:

Leg kick for Cannonier and then tries one upstairs on the other side. Body kick for Roehrick. He lands the jab too. Body kick from Cannonier.

One two for Roehrick. Jab lands to the chin for Cannonier. Solid left hook from Cannonier now. Uppercut in the clinch from Roehrick.

Front kick lands upstairs for cannonier and that rocks Roehrick. Cannonier senses it and presses forward and briefly gets the muay thai clinch and launches up a knee. Roehrick almost turns his back as the big blows take their toll, but he instead reaches in desperation for the clinch.

Cannonier is not having that though and brings him to the mat and starts raining down heavy punches and at that the referee deems that Roehrick has had enough and awards Cannonier the TKO victory.

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