Jessica Andrade Knocks Out Rose Namajunas With Huge Slam At UFC 237

Jessica Andrade was soundly beaten by Rose Namajunas in the first round of their strawweight title fight this evening at UFC 237, but she never got discouraged and in the second round turned the screw by knocking her out with a huge slam to seize the belt.

Round One:

The straweight title headliner is underway in Rio.

Jab for Namajunas straight away. Another lands. Hooks for Andrade. Jab again for Namajunas as she moves left and right circling the Brazilian challenger.

Another jab for Namajunas and then another hard strike. Andrade has a bloodied left eye already. Leg kicks for Andrade, but Namajunas landing good punches here.

Hard one-two for Namajunas. Now Andrade barrels forward and goes for the takedown. She lifts Namajunas up and looks for the slam, but Namajunas counters with the kimura and that forces her to abort the slam.

Again Andrade goes for a huge slam. She does so, but Namajunas is immmediately threatening with an armbar and then kicks Andrade way to stand back up.

They get back to striking range now with Namajunas working the jab again. Powerful combination from Namajunas ending in a hook. Her striking is looking extremely crisp here.

Namajunas blasts Andrade with a big knee and drops her. Namajunas too much on the feet for Andrade so far on the feet and now she’s looking to overwhelm her on the mat too.

However, Andrade manages to get back up again. Her left eye is a bloodied mess at this stage. Right hand for Namajunas as Andrade comes forward. Kicks from Andrade. Another counter from Namajunas. Andrade clinches up to end the round.

Round Two:

Leg kick for Andrade. Jab for Namajunas. Andrade with wild winging punches that miss. One-two for Namajunas. Glancing hook from Andrade.

Jabs landing solid for Namajunas. Left hook for Andrade. She backs up with Andrade chasing her with enthusiasm. Namajunas countering though and then moves away.

Solid jab for Namajunas. Andrade looking to flurry, but Namajunas isn’t there. Uppercut for Namajunas and then the jab.

Body punches and one upstairs from Andrade. She’s looking to pressure more here. Attempt at a takedown, but nothing doing.

They clinch for a second but then break away. Leg kick for Andrade. Counter punch from Namajunas. Andrade pressing forward with punches that miss, but then a knee.

Andrade clinching up and once again goes for the big slam and it dumps Namajunas on her head. Namajunas badly hurt by that and it’s going to end the fight! Andrade comes from behind to win with a huge slam knockout at 2.58mins of the second round.

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