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Joanna Jedrzejczyk Says Title Loss Halted Plan To Move Up To Flyweight

Prior to her strawweight title defence against Rose Namajunas last year, Joanna Jedrzejczyk had teased the fact that she was going to make an announcement afterwards, but since she ended up losing by first round TKO that night fans never did find out what she had wanted to say – until now.

“If I won the fight with Rose Namajunas, I was planning to move up,” Jedrzejczyk told MMAWeekly this week. “Because your body’s changing. It’s not that I’m eating too much. I eat very clean. I eat very healthy but your body’s changing. You’re getting older, your body’s changing.Joanna Jedrzejczyk vs Rose Namajunas UFC 217 weigh-in

“It was my plan to move up but right now I must and I will get what belongs to me.”

That means Jedrzejczyk will face another challenging weight cut down to 115lbs for her rematch with Namajunas, which could be an issue given that she has claimed that her last attempt to do so prior to their previous encounter did not go well at all.

However, Jedrzejczyk has since fired the nutritionist who oversaw her weight cut on that occasion and is confident that this time around it will go a lot smoother.

“We will work to bring my weight down as much as we can, of course the healthy way, for the weight cut. I know I paid the ultimate price for someone’s mistake. That’s the most terrible thing in my life. Because these people were like family to me. It’s not only about the belt, the money but it’s all about the feelings.

“I’m an honest person. If you see me being hard or being nice, it’s all real. I’m not a fake person. I only have one face and I’m real.”

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