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Jon Jones Lashes Out At Daniel Cormier Over USADA Fallout

UFC light-heavyweight and heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier has made it clear in recent days that he’s not happy with USADA after they handed Jon Jones a reduced suspension following his positive steroid test last year, but now ‘Bones’ has decided to fire back at his rival.

“You mad, Bro?” Jones wrote on Instagram. USADA keeps calling but you’re not going to pick up the phone because the second you hear them say I’m innocent is the instant the illusion you’ve created shatters. Then it’s all real AGAIN and that’s not a step you’re willing to take. Instead you wrap yourself in your fake belt and keep telling yourself the shin that slammed into your face and the performance that buried you once again was enhanced.

“The fact you can’t beat me kills you and it stops you from picking up that phone. If you answer it then the nightmare becomes reality. Then again, maybe you do pick up, accept the truth that you were defeated by a superior fighter and that gives you peace. Or it goes another way and you get motivated to try a third time and that will save me the hassle of having to dig you up before I bury you.

“So now that the illusion you’ve built is crumbling and the “violation was not intended nor could it have enhanced the athlete’s performance” you still have to tell yourself something yeah? And while there was “absolutely no intention to use prohibited substances,” it was my intention to kick your ass once again. Mission accomplished. Pick up the phone #letstalkaboutit.”

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