Jonathan Martinez TKO’s Adrian Yanez In 2nd Round At UFC Fight Night 230

Jonathan Martinez gave another showcase of his devastating leg kicking ability against Adrian Yanez tonight at UFC Fight Night 230, hurting his opponent early with the technique and then continuing to land it until it finally TKO’d his opponent mid-way through the second round.

Round One:

Hard body kick from Martinez. Head kick attempt from Yanez misses. Yanez throws a hard left hand. Another hard kick from Martinez. Yanez steps in with a punch.

Nice inside calf kick from Martinez that causes Yanez to stumble for a split-second. He lands another hard inside low kick.

A couple of punches from Yanez coming off the guard. He does well to check one of Martinez’s low kick.

Martinez blasts another low kick and Yanez is clearly hurt as he limps backwards. He looks really compromised here and so early in the fight too. He tries to fire back regardless with punches. Martinez staying patient but does land another leg kick.

Big flurry from Yanez as he starts to get some life back in that lead leg, for now at least. Martinez with another leg kick and Yanez drops to the mat. Martinez not interested in following him there and the fight resets on the feet.

Martinez of course goes back to the leg kick. Final second of the round and Martinez lands the leg kick and then a nice punch upstairs.

Round Two:

Left hook and a push kick from Yanez. Kick from Martinez strays to the groin. Yanez doesn’t want a long break to recover though and is quickly back to fighting again.

Fast hands from Yanez. They clinch up briefly and then back to striking range. Yanez circling on the outside as he tries to work some life back into that leg.

Martinez lands a low kick and Yanez sinks to the mat. Again Martinez wants nothing to do with the ground game and so Yanez gets back up.

Martinez with a leg kick again. Now punches too. Another big leg kick and Yanez winces but doesn’t go down. Yanez tries to fire off a few punches but his balance is compromised so he’s a sitting duck here. Another leg kick sends him to the mat one final time and the referee has seen enough, Martinez gets another leg TKO victory at 2.26mins of the second round to add to his increasingly impressive resume!

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