Jorge Masvidal And Colby Covington Brawl Outside Miami Restaurant

It’s only been a few weeks since Jorge Masvidal suffered a unanimous decision loss to Colby Covington at UFC 272, but it seems he’s not given up on his hostilities towards his bitter rival as reports emerge that he was involved in a brawl with ‘Chaos’ outside a restaurant in Miami last night.

According to TMZ, Covington had been eating at the Papi Steak restaurant in Miami Beach with YouTubers the NELK Boys, and after leaving around 11pm he was confronted by Masvidal.

Police were called to the scene and in video footage taken from a bystander, Covington can be overheard giving his version of events.

“He’s over here swinging, trying to come at me, and I ran out the back of the room,” Covington recalls.

Covington then asks an associate of the NELK Boys, social media star Bob Menery, “How would he even know I’m here?”

Menery tells him, “I don’t know, you’re all over the internet.”

Earlier in the evening Menery and the NELK boys had posted a video on Instagram from inside the restaurant with Covington, declaring him to be, “the king of Miami, motherf***er.”

Menery later condoned Masvidal for his part in the alleged brawl.

“Never had a problem with @GamebredFighter. Extremely disappointed in the way he decided to handle his ongoing ‘beef’ that has already been decided in a regulated platform,” Menery tweeted.

Later that night Masvidal posted a video in which he appears to reference the incident.

“They call this the ‘show your face challenge’, you know?” Masvidal says to the camera. ” What’s up, I’m from Dade County. You talk that sh*t you gotta back it up.”

Meanwhile, one of Masvidal’s managers, Malki Kawa, hinted that Covington may have lost a tooth in the scuffle.

“I’m hearing that a someone not from miami who says he’s the king of it is missing a tooth,” Malki tweeted. “Can someone confirm this? I need the video asap.”

Police are believed to have taken a report at the scene of the scuffle, but it’s not clear at this stage if any action was taken.

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