Jorge Masvidal Speaks Out About Brawl With Nate Diaz’s Crew

Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz’s camps clashed in a chaotic brawl recently during a press conference for their upcoming boxing match on July 6th and now ‘Gamebred’ has spoken out about it for the first time to express his anger that his coach Jorge Capetillo became the target of a sustained attack.

“I definitely didn’t want my good friend and trainer – he’s an older man, it’s not he’s a young fighter, getting attacked by three guys,” Masvidal told MMA Junkie Radio. “That was never part of the script, but Nate and his crew are cowards. They went after a coach which is like below low blow.

“This is just f*cking pathetic. It really bothered me. I really want to f*cking take it out on Nate so, I’m just staying very under control and doing all the things I got to do to really f*cking hurt Nate, and hurt anybody that comes along with it.”

Masvidal went on to recall how he dragged a man (later identified as Nick Kohring, a BKFC fighter with a 13-2 MMA record) away by his hair after he attacked Capetillo during the melee.

“I didn’t know because I grabbed this f*cker by the hair, I thought it was some fat lesbian,” Masvidal recalled. “I grabbed him by the hair and I could have kneed his f*cking face in. Everyone knows I have decent knees, right? I could have kneed the living sh*t out of the guy but I didn’t because I’m thinking I’m going to go back to jail again. I just got out, I don’t need another case, I don’t need all this bullsh*t.

“So, I just take him off my coach and then I come to find out later as I do some digging, this guy is a f*cking pro fighter. So, you and your other two buddies attacked a f*cking coach that you guys know is my coach. If you want to go down that route, let’s go. I’m all for it.

“We’ll see what happens because I’m going to take care of business July 6. I’m going to put all this bullsh*t to the side but, I’m going to take care of business July 6 and then whatever else comes with it.”

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