Jose Aldo Beats Jonathan Martinez By Unanimous Decision At UFC 301

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Jose Aldo served a reminder that even two years after retiring he’s still a major player in the sport as he got the better of the striking exchanges against Jonathan Martinez to earn a unanimous decision victory.

Round One:

Speculative front kick from Martinez doesn’t land. He tries it again and misses. Low kick for Martinez. Another lands for him.

Body punch from Aldo comes up short. Inside leg kick from Martinez as Aldo tries to check it. Body punch from Aldo. Martinez thought about a takedown, but didn’t commit to it. Right hand from Aldo.

Leg kick for Aldo and one in response from Martinez that’s checked. Three-piece flurry from Aldo, but Martinez was backing off to avoid that.

Body kick from Martinez. Body punch for Aldo. Another punch to the body and then just misses on a hook behind it.

Jab from Aldo. Martinez works his jab and a kick. Fast right hand for Aldo. Ripping body punches from Aldo.

Kick to the thigh from Aldo. Now an inside leg kick from him. Martinez looking a little reluctant to throw at the moment as the round comes to a close.

Round Two:

Inside leg kick for Aldo. Martinez tries for a high kick that’s blocked. Body punch from Aldo. leg kick for Martinez. Short flurry of punches from Aldo.

Aldo targets the body again. Single-leg attempt from Martinez and presses Aldo up against the cage. He lands a few knees to the thigh. Not much happening here and the ref finally separates them.

Right hand for Aldo. Martinez rips to the body and lands a punch upstairs. Now a good punch from Aldo in return. Aldo turning up the heat and just misses on a huge uppercut.

Body punch for Aldo. He misses a hook. Jab for Martinez. Jab for Aldo. Martinez lands his again. Leg kick for Aldo. Nice punch to the midsection from Aldo.

Spinning backfist from Martinez grazes the target. Jab for Aldo. He lands it again. Martinez with a counter. Aldo works to the body.

Round Three:

left hand lands for Martinez. Jab for Aldo. Front kick to the body from Martinez. Punch from Aldo. Leg kick for Martinez.

Body kick for Martinez. Aldo tries for a takedown, but Martinez denies it. Body punch from Martinez. Now a jab.

Martinez pressing the action now. He lands a grazing left hand. Jab for Aldo. Body kick from Martinez. One-two for Aldo and then a step-in knee. He lands a punch to the body for good measure.

Jab for Aldo. Martinez still pressuring though. He tries to land a knee as they clinch up for a moment. Punch for Martinez, but Aldo lands in response cleanly.

left hand for Martinez. Missed spinning backfist from Martinez. Jab for Martinez. Now one from Aldo. Body kick for Martinez.

Aldo lands a left hook that has Martinez on wobbly legs. Now a knee. Martinez still shaken as Aldo moves in and takes him to the mat.

90 seconds to go with Aldo in Martinez’s full guard. Aldo passes to half-guard. Martinez gets him back to full guard. martinez trying to land elbows from his back. Aldo with some punches without landing anything too cleanly and we’re headed to the scorecards.


Aldo looked like he’d never left the UFC tonight as he got the better of Martinez in the striking exchanges with his sharp boxing which earns him a unanimous decision victory (30-27 x3).

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