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Junior dos Santos TKO’s Derrick Lewis In Second Round At UFC Fight Night 146

UFC Fight Night 146’s main event was every bit as hard-hitting as anticipated and it was Junior dos Santos who got the better of it, hurting Derrick Lewis with a spinning body kick in the first round and then TKO’ing him with big punches in the second.

Round One:

The main event of the evening is underway in Kansas.

Missed overhand from Dos Santos to start. Leg kick for Lewis and then avoids one coming in return. However another leg kick does land.

Now an inside leg kick from dos Santos. Lewis attempts a kick. Dos Santos looking for punches but a thumb lands to Lewis’ eye and forces a stoppage.

Hook just misses for Lewis. He lands a bidy body kick though. Now he’s trying for a flying knee but doesn’t connect. JDS with a spinning kick attempt.

Lewis with a big punch and that knocks JDS backwards. Leaping head kick attempt from Lewis. JDS lands a big punch and Lewis looks wobbled for a moment, but then he connects and it’s the former champion’s time to look troubled.

Both men survive though. Big overhand misses for Lewis. Punch for JDS to the body. He goes there again. Overhand right from JDS, but lands to the shoulder.

Low leg kick for dos Santos. Lewis lands a body kick. Push kick to the body from Dos Santos. He just misses with an overhand.

Spinning kick to the body lands hard and Lewis doubles over apparently hurt. However, as JDS looks to step in landing a kick Lewis suddenly fires back aggressively with a punch.

However, then Lewis bends over again, but it’s hard to say if he’s just faking. JDS comes in looking for a kick again and again Lewis fires off a big winging punch.

Again he’s doubled over. It’s difficult to know what to makes of this, but it looks like Lewis is geniunely hurt. Again JDS comes forward and Lewis almost lands a head kick as the round ends.

Round Two:

Head kick attempt from Lewis is blocked. Body kick from him misses. Body punch for JDS. leg kick for Lewis. Another leg kick for Dos Santos, but then slips to the mat and Lewis almost gets on top before he escapes to his feet again.

Jumping head kick attempt from Lewis is blocked. Straight right for dos Santos and Lewis is hurt. JDS looking to capitalize and lands several punches, which sends Lewis reeling on unsteady legs and falling to the mat.

Lewis on his knees covering up and JDS stands over him throwing punches until the referee moves in to end the fight, handing the Brazilian a big TKO victory at 1.58mins of the second round.

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