Jussier Formiga Defeats Deiveson Figueiredo By Decision At UFC Fight Night 148

Jussier Formiga managed to navigate past big puncher Deiveson Figueiredo tonight at UFC Fight Night 148 by unanimous decision.

Round One:

Kick from Figueiredo to start. Missed head kick from Formiga. Double jab for Formiga. Figueiredo looks for a leg kick, but eats counter punches on his way in.

Front kick to the body for Figueiredo. Dangerous uppercut from Figueiredo. Jab for Formiga. Spinning body kick from Figueiredo, but then Formiga responds with a spinning backfist that lands. Figueiredo goes to the clinch, but not for long.

Jab for Figueiredo. Jab for Formiga and then shortly afterwards moves in well and lands a takedown. 90 seconds of the round remaining as Formiga moes to half guard.

Figueiredo scrambles to his feet with Formiga still clinched onto him. Formiga looks to lands another takedown, but only partially gets it and Figueiredo immediately stands back up.

Still in the clinch Formiga lands another takedown and immediately moves into full mount this time. Big elbow strike from Formiga as the round comes to a close.

Round Two:

Leg kick for Formiga. Wild hook misses from Figueiredo. Jab for Figueiredo. He goes for a big right hand and just misses. Spinning kick from Formiga doesn’t connect.

Solid body kick for Formiga. Now a low leg kick. Right hand over the top lands for Figueiredo.

Figueiredo stumbles for a moment. He goes for a kick, but Formiga catches it. Figueiredo trying to escape, but Formiga brings him down and gets into his guard.

Hammerfists from the bottom for Figueiredo. Formiga with a body punch. Another lands. Figueiredo working elbows from the bottom .

Hammerfist lands for Formiga. Elbow strike from Figueiredo as Formiga tries to pass and it slices open a deep cut high on Formiga’s hairline above the left temple.

Formiga in half-guard though and staying tight to Figueiredo as crimson leaks onto the canvas. Formiga stands over his opponent and tries to swings his legs away and move into side control, but has to settle back down in half-guard to end the round.

Round Three:

Figueiredo tries for two superman punches. Big left hand for Figueiredo. He tries to clinch up, but Formiga reverses the position, then he gets back to it.

They break up. Uppercut for Figueiredo. jab for Figueiredo. Right hook for Formiga. Figueiredo tries for a huge body shot and stumbles into the cage after he misses.

Missed front kick for Figueiredo. One-two for Formiga. Short right hand from Figueiredo as Formiga moves into range.

Formiga goes in for the takedown and lands it. He’s in half-guard here with a little over two minutes remaining. Formiga manages to move into mount.

90 seconds to go. Figueiredo shrips his legs out and manages to stand with Formiga clinching to his back. Figueiredo spins around and breaks free.

Right hand from Figueiredo grazes Formiga. He’s stalking his opponent now looking for a big finish. Formiga with a spinning backfist that just grazes over his opponent’s head.

Elbow and a punch from Formiga. Figueiredo with a final straight punch as the round ends.


Good performance from Formiga here then and he earns himself a unanimous decision victory (30-27, 29-28 x2).

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