Khalil Rountree Jr. TKO’s Karl Roberson Early In 2nd Round At UFC Fight Night 203

Khalil Rountree hurt Karl Roberson early in the second round tonight at UFC Fight Night 203 and didn’t give him a chance to recover as he blasted him with vicious offense to force a TKO stoppage.

Round One:

Roberson bails on a leg kick attempt and Rountree lands one of his own in response. Powerful leg kick from Roberson. Rountree looking for a big strike.

Rountree throwing a power left hand. Hard leg kicks land at the same time. Rountree looks for the leg kick again.

Rountree taking the center of the Octagon and backing his opponent up towards the cage. It’s Roberson who lands a calf kick.

Body kick from Roberson now. Left hand from Rountree. Another low kick from Roberson and a left hand in response from Rountree.

Roberson fakes a takedown attempt, but doesn’t land his follow-up punch. Body kick from Roberson is caught by Rountree, but he doesn’t bring him down off it.

Low kick lands again for Roberson. Front kick to the body from Rountree. Roberson with a body kick that’s caught by Rountree and he then throws a few heavy punches .

Leg kick for Roberson and a big punch lands from Rountree on the counter.

Round Two:

Back to the leg kick from Roberson. Rountree wades in with big punches and drops him with a right hook. Rountree follows him down throwing heavy ground-and-pound, but Roberson is able to scramble and tries for a leg lock.

Rountree doesn’t get caught in that and stands up and immediately lands a brutal body kick. Roberson struggles back to his feet, but Rountree lands ferocious hooks to put him down again and that’s it, Rountree wins via TKO at 0.25mions of the second round!

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