Marcin Prachnio Defeats William Knight By Decision At UFC Fight Night 219

Marcin Prachnio beat William Night by unanimous decision tonight at UFC Fight Night 219 after peppering his lethargic, uninspired opponent with leg kicks throughout the 15 minute fight.

Round One:

Leg kick for Prachnio. Knight with a light inside kick. Another from Prachnio. Now a body kick from Prachnio. One lands to the calf. Now one just above the knee.

Prachnio continues to stay at range with another low kick as Knight remains patient and looks for an opportunity to let his hands go.

Low kick for Prachnio, then a kick for Knight and Prachnio returns fire with his heaviest leg kick yet.

Knight starting to taunt Prachnio now, appearing unhappy about his opponent not willing to engage at closer range. Meanwhile, Prachnio continues peppering him with kicks on the outside.

Prachnio with a leg kick and one to the body in quick succession. Solid kick to the thigh. Another solid connection and Knight just hasn’t got going at all yet.

Inside calf kick for Prachnio. One to the outside. And again. Completely one way traffic so far. Body kick now from Prachnio.

Knight looked to load up on a punch there but Prachnio’s low kick knocks him off his stride. You can tell Knight is frustrated but he’s doing absolutely nothing to improve his chances of success so far.

Round Two:

Thigh kick for Prachnio. Now to the calf. He tries to spin into a body kick, but nothing doing. Another leg kick. Now one upstairs that doesn’t quite land.

Knight backed up against the cage with one leg slightly raised. He just looks completely devoid of ideas or energy here. Strange stuff.

Head kick attempt again from Prachnio. Inside leg kick. Another lands. Knight finally does something, landing a powerful leg kick of his own. However, Prachnio then lands his again and Knight clutches at his calf, clearly hurting from these repeated blows. Prachnio throws a head kick up there too.

Knight flinching now every time a low kicks lands and his leg is really compromised now by the looks of things. He tries for a spinning kick but nothing doing and he gets a leg kick on the other side for his troubles.

Finally Knight changes things up by trying to grab hold of Prachnio and forces a takedown, but his opponent breaks free easily.

Kick to the other leg from Prachnio. Another low kick and then a head kick attempt.

Round Three:

Really terrible performance from Knight so far and his corner clearly thinks so too as he’s getting a hard time in-between rounds.

Prachnio immediately with another leg kick. Knight half-heartedly comes forward and lands a leg kick. He lands another and finally throws a punch that just misses.

More leg kicks from Prachnio and attempts the head kick but he’s not quite got his range on that so far.

A series of leg kicks from Prachnio as Knight tries but fails to grab hold of the incoming limb.

Spinning head kick attempt from Prachnio. Knight tries to force a takedown but nothing doing. Thigh kick from Prachnio.

Knight again trying to bundle Prachnio to the mat, but his opponent scrambles to his feet before Knight can get there.

Leg kicks and then the head kick from Prachnio again only grazing the target. calf kick for Prachnio and Knight shakes his head.


Knight can lay claim to one of the worst performances we’ve seen in a while here and needless to say Prachnio wins by unanimous decision (30-27 x3).

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