Max Griffin Defeats Mike Perry By Unanimous Decision At UFC On FOX 28

Despite being the underdog, Max Griffin rose to the occasion to outstrike Mike Perry tonight at UFC On FOX 28 and emerge with a unanimous decision victory.

Round One:

Perry immediately tries a head kick that doesn’t connect. Oblique kick now from perry. Griffin catches him with a right hand.

Nice snappy series of punches from Griffin and Perry already has a cut to the left hand side of his forehead.

Regardless, Perry continues to push the pace and only just missed with a big right hand. Perry works for the body lock in the center of the cage and walks his opponent over to the cage. He lands knees to the leg and then they break apart.

Griffin tries for a head kick that’s blocked. He tries to land a right hand, but stumbles. head kick from Perry just wings over his opponent’s head.

Body kick for Griffin. Side kick attempt from perry. Now a solid leg kick. He misses a left hook as Griffin ducks underneath.

leg kick for Perry. Now a body kick on one side and then the other. Back to the left side with that same kick. Griffin landing with his right hand.

Griffin finding his range early in this fight. He lands a body kick. Perry with a right of his own. He misses with another punch and Griffin is able to take him down.

Perry straight back up and then he does a nice job of bringing Griffin to the mat and takes his back. Perry’s forehead cut has left one side of his face soaked with blood, but meanwhile he’s doing a good job on the ground as he manages to take full mount just as the bell for the end of the round sounds.

Round two:

Good left hand for Perry. Now a teep kick to the body. lead uppercut connects. Griffin come sforward with a short flurry of punches that find the mark.

Perry steps in looking for a punch, but walks into one in return from Griffin. Now a nice jab from Griffin. Body punch for Perry.

Leg kick for Griffin. Jab for Perry and one from Griffin. Perry trying to walk down his opponent, but Griffin is doing well connecting with his own strikes.

Griffin charges in and Perry has to be careful. Both men trade a heavy punch apiece and Perry seemed to get the better of that one. Griffin tries for a head kick that’s blocked.

Right hand slides through perry’s guard. Jab now for Griffin. Now a jab for Perry. He steps into another crisp jab. However Griffin then returns fire with a big left hand to the jaw that floors Perry.

Perry immediately scrambling though and does get to his feet without enduring further damage. He’s not out of danger just yet though as Griffin comes pressing in with some hard right hands and Perry is having to demonstrate his chin and toughness here to make it out of the round as his opponent looks for a finish that doesn’t quite come his way.

Round Three:

Griffin wades in with lefts and rights, but then Perry counters with a big right hand that definitely got his opponent’s attention.

Now Griffin looks a bit more wary and Perry has a new spring in his step. Perry tries for a takedown and almost gets his opponent to the floor, but Griffin scrambles well and it ends in a bit of a stalemate and they are soon back to striking range instead.

Griffin looking to circle and keep distance with the jab and teep kick. Leg kick for Perry. He walks into a solid right hand though.

Huge left hook for Perry and then another one just as heavy on the other side, but Griffin takes those shots well. He tries to bate Griffin into a slugfest.

Nice punch from Griffin as he resists the urge to go toe-to-toe and stays on the outside using movement. Leg kick for Griffin.

Perry trying his best to close the distance. He goes for a head kick and Griffin looks a little hurt by that. Now a right hand for Perry. Another lands very hard and Griffin tries to clinch up to buy some time.

Perry with a brief takedown attempt. Griffin clinging on in the clinch trying to run down the clock and pulls guard in the final 10 seconds to stifle his opponent’s offense.


Max Griffin fought a smart fight tonight and though it started to get a little hairy towards the end, the underdog rightfully emerges with a unanimous decision victory (29-27 x2, 30-27).

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