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Max Holloway In Las Vegas To Undergo Tests To ‘Try And Figure Out’ Troubling Concussion Issues

UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway has given a brief update revealing that he is still searching for answers in relation to the troubling concussion-like symptoms that he was suffering from during UFC 226 fight week that led to his title encounter with Brian Ortega being cancelled.

“Back on the mainland for more exams,” Holloway wrote on Instagram. “Thanks @ufc and docs for following through to try and figure this out. Starting to feel better #stillblessed.”

It had been clear during fight week that something was off with Holloway, with even UFC Tonight co-host Michael Bisping having directly asked the star during an interview if he was feeling ok because he looked sleepy.

Holloway claimed he was fine during the interview, despite slurring his words and appearing lethargic, but soon after he was withdrawn from the fight as it emerged that in addition to the issues with his speech he’d also been seeing flashing vision and had trouble waking up after a UFC 226 open workout.

Dana White has previously promised to put Holloway through a battery of tests in an attempt to establish the cause of his health issues, at the same as indicating it could be some time before ‘Blessed’ is able to get back into the Octagon.

Almost two weeks after the fight, that process now continues.

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