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Michael Bisping Shuts Down Call Out From Derek Brunson

Derek Brunson’s attempt to call out Michael Bisping has been quickly thrown aside by the former middleweight champion.

“Dear @bisping, You’re no easy fight,” Brunson had wrote on Twitter alongside what appeared to be a copy of a bout agreement he had signed. “Obviously you’re ranked ahead of me… it only makes sense for a #6 being you and #7 being me to fight. Upside for both of us. The top half of the division is older than us both stop crying. You aren’t going anywhere, neither am I.”

However, on the latest episode of UFC Tonight on FOX Sports 1, Bisping’s response to his proposal didn’t go the way he’d hoped.

“Photoshop is a fantastic thing, because I have not been offered a fight with ‘Derelict’ Brunson,” Bisping stated. “The reason I say ‘Derelict’ Brunson is, I think he’s still a shadow of his former self after getting knocked out against Jacare (Souza) recently.

Derek, you’re a good guy, you’re making moves, but I’ve got bigger fish to fry. I mean, I don’t even know whose bout agreement that is. Derek, good try!”

Bisping has made it clear he only intends to have one more fight before retiring, so it’s likely it will come against a bigger name, with the likes of Lyoto Machida and Rashad Evans believed to be among the options he has considered so far.

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