Molly McCann KO’s Luana Carolina With Brutal Spinning Elbow At UFC Fight Night 204

Molly McCann delivered a potential knockout of the year candidate finish toda at UFC Fight Night 204 with a spinning elbow in the third round that knocked Luana Carolina out cold.

Round One:

Carolina thinking about kicks or knees, but not throwing yet. She does got for a knee and McCann catches it.

McCann lands a punch and Carolina seems hurt and covers up against the cage. McCann immediately throws big left and right hands relentlessly, but Carolina stays standing and gets away for now.

McCann follows her though and again goes into a long flurry of punches against the cage, but Carolina is mostly covering up and surviving here. McCann is putting so much into this that she might burn out if she doesn’t start to pace herself.

They go back to the center of the Octagon. Carolina does still seem a big dazed, but she lands a left hand to remind McCann she’s still in the fight.

McCann drives her into the cage. Carolina looking for knees in close. McCann breaks out of the clinch position.

Low kick from Carolina. McCann avoids a blow and rips to the body. Carolina starting to work her straight left. Tired kick from Carolina is easily caught by McCann.

McCann lands a big punch again and she immediately barrels into another barrage of blows. Again Carolina is deflecting much of this, but som are getting through and Carolina has a bloodied nose.

McCann slows her pace down a little again towards the end of the round but is still eager to engage when any opportunity presents itself, while Carolina is still trying to find her own way into this fight.

Round Two:

Carolina with a few punches and a kick, then McCann gets into the clinch against the cage.

Carolina battles her way out of the clinch and throws a kick. Inside leg kick from Carolina. She tries for a knee, but it’s a bit slow. Front kick upstairs missed too.

Knee for Carolina and threatens with an elbow. Now she lands to the body and McCann responds by stepping forward into a flurry of punches and then lands a nice takedown.

North-south position from McCann and then into side control. Carolina trying to trap one of McCann’s arms but it’s all a bit awkward for her from her back here. McCann not doing too much though and opts to stand back up and tries to land a couple of kicks before the ref stands her opponent back up.

Carolina lands a couple of nice knees in close. They remain clinched up here as they move across the Octagon. More knees to the body from Carolina and then they break free.

Carolina with a push kick and another kick behind it. Right hand over the top from McCann. Nice elbows in close from Carolina. McCann goes for a big takedown and slams backwards on top of her opponent and then showboats for the crowd in the final couple of seconds of the round.

Round Three:

A hug from the fighter then back to work with Carolina throwing a couple of high kicks. Now a push kick from her as she grins at McCann. Punch from McCann.

More head kick attempts from Carolina and she’s showboating now as she warms up to the challenge ahead of her in this final round.

They get into the clinch and battle for position. Back to striking range and again Carolina is going for the head kick. McCann lands a nice punch upstairs, but Carolina beckons her forward.

Out of nowhere McCann throws a spinning elbow and it lands absolutely perfectly, knocking Carolina out cold. Absolutely devastating finish from ‘Meatball’!

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