Nate Diaz vs. Jorge Masvidal Press Conference Ends In A Brawl

Yesterday’s open-air press conference for the upcoming Nate Diaz vs. Jorge Masvidal boxing match on July 6th ended in a chaotic brawl involving both camps.

In time-honored tradition things started to turn ugly when Diaz decided he’d had enough of the presser and made an early exit from the stage.

“I’m done with this whole press conference,” Diaz suddenly declared. “I’m glad we’re here to promote these great fights that are happening, that’s cool as f**k. But besides that, I think my work here is done.

‘I’m done with all this s***. No more press conferences until my next fight,” Diaz continued, adding, “F*** this ugly motherf*****. I’m out. Imma see everybody. Peace out.’

As Diaz exited through the crowd the atmosphere became more tense as the two camps started to taunt each other, and before long an all-out brawl erupted.

A video later showed that it all stemmed from a man with cornrows and a baseball cap on from Diaz’s camp (later identified as Nick ‘Killshot’ Kohring, a middleweight MMA / BKFC fighter with a 13-2 record) throwing a punch at Masvidal that came up just short, before trying to slap one of Masvidal’s coaches Jorge Capitello who had squared up to him.

Capitello then charged forward and was hit by Kohring and another person from Diaz’s camp, before they all spilled onto the floor after crashing into some seats.

Masvidal then got back into the fray as he grabbed Kohring by his hair and dragged him away, before backing off as Kohring and other members of Diaz’s crew tried to attack him.

When all was said and done Masvidal appeared to emerge relatively unscathed, as did Capitello, who despite appearing to have been hit several times only had a minor contusion on his forehead.

However, Kohring was seen with blood streaming from a cut to his right eyebrow, though it wasn’t clear how that happened.

Later as Diaz was being interviewed another altercation almost broke out when he started shouting down the hall at Masvidal’s camp, then started moving towards them, but security intervened to stop a repeat performance of the earlier scrap.

Check out a video of the full brawl as it happen from Fight Hype below.

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