Paulo Costa Puts Surfing Star Kelly Slater On Blast After PED Accusations

Paulo Costa has become embroiled in an unlikely war of words with Kelly Slater after the surfing star accused him of ‘juicing’ due to his muscular physique.

”Didn’t Cung Le get caught because he looked suspect in a photo after a fight?” Slater wrote on a post made on the UFC’s official Instagram page about the rising Brazilian star. “Costa makes Yoel’s physique look almost attainable. If this guy ain’t juiced they shouldn’t bother testing at all.”

Costa, who is unbeaten in his MMA career so far, including four wins inside the Octagon, has now responded, pointing out that he’s been tested multiple times over the course of his UFC career to date.

“Kelly Slater talked too much, said stupid things,” Costa told MMA Fighting. “He doesn’t understand how the anti-doping system works in the UFC, he doesn’t know how USADA works, doesn’t understand the USADA policy of testing any fighter at any moment anywhere in the world, blood and urine.

”We do random tests all the time, so if someone says a UFC fighter is fighting on the juice, to me that someone is completely ignorant about MMA, UFC, antidoping and USADA.

“It does bother me because people talk without knowing. They judge me because I have a good physique, an excellent condition, and think I got this by cheating instead of hard work, diet, effort and sacrifice. I keep working really hard, so it bothers me because they diminish my work and effort. But I know where my results come from, so my conscience is clear.”

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