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Rafael Dos Anjos Sympathizes With Colby Covington Over Misery Of Broken Jaw

Rafael dos Anjos endured a loss to Colby Covington in 2018, but despite their differences, the former lightweight champion has revealed he has sympathy for the plight of ‘Chaos’ after he suffered a broken jaw during his loss to Kamaru Usman at UFC 245.

RDA knows only too well the horror’s of a broken jaw, having had to have a titanium plate inserted into his own one after breaking it in a fight with Clay Guida in 2010, and he paints a bleak picture of what it’s like to battle back from that, mentally and physically.

“I’ve had this injury too, I don’t know the severity, but you have to have a lot of head to come back,” Dos Anjos told AG Fight. “I hope he really fights back, doesn’t retire, because it’s an injury I’ve seen retire people out there,” he explained. “It’s something I don’t even want for my worst enemy. But let’s see.

“It’s six months to go back to training, I remember how I got. Six months is just to retrain. It took me about ten months to fight again, a year almost to fight again.

“But it sure is a fight that interests me. It was [in the fight against Clay Guida that I got hurt]. It was terrible, worse thing, I don’t wish for my worst enemy.”

The loss definitely has had an impact on Covington as he’s gone uncharacteristically silent since, although the word from his camp has been that he’s taken it well and was in the right mindset soon after the defeat to make another run for the title once he recovers.

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