Randy Brown TKO’s Muslim Salikhov In 1st Round At UFC Fight Night 235

Randy Brown floored veteran striker Muslim Salikhov with a powerful straight right tonight at UFC Fight night 235 to earn himself a first round TKO victory.

Round One:

Leg kicks exchanged. Thudding calf kick from Salikhov. Front kick from Brown. Another calf kick from Salikhov.

Push kick and an oblique kick from range for Brown. Another low kick for Salikhov. He misses on an overhand.

Salikhov feels out the jab and then goes back to the calf kick, which is landing to good effect so far. Push kick from Brown. Low kick for Salikhov. Jab for Brown.

Accidental eyepoke from Brown forces a brief stoppage, but it looks like Salikhov will recover ok and they get back to it.

Good head kick attempt from Brown as they restart. Now an inside leg kick for him. Salikhov misses on a spinning kick. He goes again for one to the body but Brown backs out of range.

Jab, another jab and then a straight right from Brown that lands big and sends Salikhov crashing to the canvas. He’s left dazed on the mat as Brown lands another punch and the ref rushes in to wave off the fight. Impressive TKO victory for Brown at 3.17mins of the opening round.

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