Roman Dolidze TKO’s Jack Hermansson In 2nd Round At UFC On ESPN 42

Roman Dolidze cleverly used a calf-slicer submission to set up a ground-and-pound TKO finish against Jack hermansson tonight at UFC On ESPN 42.

Round One:

A couple of leg kicks from Hermansson after faking a superman punch. Oblique kick from him. Solid calf kick for him. Now one to the body and back to the leg.

Jumping push kick from Hermansson as he continues his busy start, while Dolidze finally throws a solid punch. Body kick for Hermansson. Now a leg kick as he circles around his opponent.

Uppercut and a left hand from Hermansson. Calf kick. He misses with a superman punch and lands a leg kick. Hermansson immediately transitions to a takedown and lands it, but Dolidze is trying for a guillotine choke. Hermansson escapes that though and is looking to settle on top when Dolidze executes a really nice sweep.

Back to the feet they go, but Hermansson remains clinched up and presses Dolidze into the cage. They separate and go back to striking range.

Calf kick for Hermansson. Now one to the body. Back to the calf. He threatens with a knee strike that doesn’t land. Now a head kick attempt.

Body kick for Hermansson. He continues to punish Dolidze’s lead leg with calf kicks. Dolidze trying to wade forward in the final few seconds with punches, but Hermansson also lands with a quick flurry.

Round Two:

Dolidze trying to be more aggressive now as Hermansson goes back to the kicks. Punches from Dolidze and Hermansson responds in kind with a couple of his own soon after, then goes back to the low kicks.

Body punch from Dolidze. He gets a left hand through to the head. Body kick for Hermansson. Overhand attempt from Dolidze but overloaded on that a bit.

Mid-kick from Hermansson comes off the arm. He lands a right hand. Body punch from Hermansson. Leg kick and then lands a nicely timed takedown in the center of the Octagon.

Dolidze looking for a sweep and then instead goes for an armbar that Hermansson escapes. However he then looks for a triangle choke and possibly going to transition back to an armbar.

Instead as Hermansson is scrambling Dolidze manages to catch him in a calf slicer and rolls to flatten Hermansson face down in the mat, and with him still unable to get his leg free, Dolidze is free to start raining down ground-and-pound until the ref signals the fight is over at 4.06mins of the second round via TKO.

Big TKO victory for Dolidze, though it’s his effective use of the calf-slicer to set up the finish that will win him the biggest plaudits here.

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