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Sean O’Malley Says He Might Only Fight Twice In 2022

Sean O’Malley is currently one of the UFC’s most promising rising stars with three TKO victories in a row to his name in 2021 alone, but it seems that we might not be seeing him compete quite as often this year.

Speaking yesterday, O’Malley revealed that he hasn’t been able to train since his TKO win over Raulian Paiva last month due to a broken thumb and is now contemplating taking time to improve his skills and only fight twice in 2022.

“I don’t think they’re having a Vegas card in April, in May. I might not fight for awhile,” O’Malley said on his ‘Suga Sunday Service’ podcast.

“If I don’t fight until June or July, it just gives me time to get better and improve. I haven’t been able to train since my fight. I’ve had a f*cking fractured thumb since my fight. I haven’t been able to train, so I haven’t been able to improve since the fight until now. I get my cast off soon. That’ll give me a couple of months to improve.

“Ideally I get three fights in a year. That’s kind of where my head’s at,” O’Malley continued. “If I only fight two, if I get one in July and November or December – Might only get two this year. Fight out the contract, and then boom, go into 2023 with a fat f*cking contract, and just go on a Killing spree.”

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