Steven Peterson Knocks Martin Bravo Out Cold With Spinning Backfist At UFC Fight Night 159

Steven Peterson emerged victorious in a second battle of spinning backfists with martin Bravo tonight at UFC Fight Night 159, with Bravo’s attempt missing, only for Peterson to respond with one of his own in devastating fashion.

Round One:

Bravo misses with an opening leg kick. They start to trade in the center of the Octagon with punches. Peterson partially catches a kick, but can’t do anything with it.

Peterson working some kicks and Bravo lands punches straight down the pipe. Peterson in on a guillotine attempt as the fight goes to ground, but he can’t get anything out of that and they are soon back on their feet.

Bravo wading forward with some good punches and then lands a spinning kick to the body for good measure. Bravo catches a Peterson kick and then blasts him with one of his own.

Bravo sweeping Peterson’s leg out from under him and lands a punch as he falls. PEterson straight back up though and they continue slugging with Bravo certainly getting the better of it for now. Nice punch over the top from Peterson though.

Again Bravo lands cleanly. Peterson leans into another punch. Now Bravo goes to the body with a punch. High volume from Bravo, but then tries for a takedown. That doesn’t pay off though and he soon gives up on it.

Overhand right from Bravo. A left hook lands too. Uppercut lands for him as Peterson works the jab. Missed kick from Peterson and a right hand counter lands for Bravo.

Both exchange leg kicks at the same time. Now both landing a jab at the same time. Body kick from Bravo. Left hand for Peterson. Right hand for Bravo and Peterson throws back.

Bravo lands and then a better straight right comes in response from Peterson. Body kick for Bravo. Peterson pressing forward, but eating punches in the process. They continue to trade as the round comes to a end.

Round Two:

Kicks from Peterson to start. Now he lands an overhand right. however, Bravo responds by landing a takedown and gets on top. Peterson able to kick him off though and get back to his feet.

Another overhand from Peterson. Jab for Bravo and Peterson responds with a short flurry. Body kick from Bravo. Spinning backfist from Bravo misses, but then Peterson instantly counters with one of his own that lands directly to the jawline and instantly knocks Bravo out cold! Peterson follows up with a completely unneccessary hammerfist and gets a rough shove away from the referee, then reels off to celebrate a stunning highlight reel KO at 1.31mins of Rd2.

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