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TJ Dillashaw Again Calls Out Demetrious Johnson For Superfight

The last time TJ Dillashaw tried to call out flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson he didn’t get the response that he was hoping for, but now that he’s reclaimed the bantamweight title he’s going to try again.

“He should be (on board),” Dillashaw told TMZ after telling them that Johnson was who he wanted to face in the Octagon next. “This is the fight that makes the most sense for (him), even moreso than me. He needs a fight that’s sellable.

“Demetrious Johnson’s always showed up. He’s always done his job. He’s always been the better fighter. He’s looked awesome. He’s finished fights – looking great. Really, what it comes down to, is not having an opponent to say, ‘We’re excited about this fight.’ Everyone’s always excited like, ‘Let’s see if Demetrious Johnson can break the record,’ or ‘He’s on this long win streak,’ this, this and that. But they never talk about Demetrious Johnson and who he’s fighting.

“This is a fight that will happen – this is a fight that will get the fans entertained. You’ll be glued to the TV because he’s fighting me, not because he’s just fighting. That’s why he doesn’t sell tickets – because everyone knows what’s going to happen.”

Johnson turned Dillashaw turned down last time in order to fight Ray Borg instead and now the 135lb champ says it’s time for ‘Mighty Mouse’ to man up and face the biggest test of his title reign to date.

“Don’t be scared, man. Let’s get this done. This is the fight that makes sense for you and me. This is the fight the fans want to see. This is the fight I want to see. Not sure if you want to see it, but man up – let’s do it.”

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