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Tom Aspinall TKO’s Alan Baudot In 95 Seconds At UFC Fight Night 179

Tom Aspinall logged his second swift victory in the Octagon tonight at UFC Fight Night 179, taking just 95 seconds to TKO Alan Baudot.

Round one:

Baudot just short with a rangey jab. He also comes up short with a spinning backfist. Leg kick from him though.

Aspinall looking to land punches, but has to watch out for another spinning backfist from Baudot.

Leg kick for Baudot. Aspinall returns to the favor and then lands a big right hand and then another short right behind it.

Baudot goes for the thai clinch and lands a couple of knees to the body, but then Aspinall lands a takedown.

Nasty elbow from Aspinall and then starts to unload a flurry of elbow and punches that leave Baudot covering up already, and that’s it, another quick win for Aspinall at 1.35mins of the first round.

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