Tony Ferguson TKO’s Donald Cerrone Via Doctor’s Stoppage At UFC 238

A tremendous scrap between Tony Ferguson and Donald Cerrone tonight at UFC 238 ended in unfortunate fashion as Ferguson landed a late punch after the bell, then inbetween rounds ‘Cowboy’ blew his damaged nose, causing his eye to swell shut immediately and forcing a doctor’s stoppage.

Round One:

Leg kick for Cerrone immediately. Now a body kick. Body punch for Ferguson and then a kick. Cerrone feels out with the jab.

Cerrone with a jab and then lands it crisply again. Ferguson with a body punch and a leg kick. Jabs for both men there.

Ferguson with unusual movement. Leg kick for Cerrone. Front kick to the body for Cerrone. Both men getting their heads snapped back by punches. Cerrone getting the better of it their though.

leg kick for Ferguson. One in return from Cerrone. Hard elbow strike for Ferguson and Cerrone returns fire.

Nice one-two for Cerrone. Now a knee and then a punch to the head from Ferguson. Cerrone just misses with a head kick. He lands a left hand though. Now a left for Ferguson.

left hook for Ferguson, but then he gets caught too. Spinning elbow from Ferguson misses. He’s got a little bloody coming down his face now.

Body kick for Ferguson. They clinch up and Ferguson lands a left hook. Apart he lands a body kick. Jab from Cerrone. Now one for Ferguson.

Body punch from Cerrone. Front kick to the body from Ferguson. Inside leg kick for Ferguson. Grazing right hand lands too. Left lands for Cerrone, but then Ferguson returns fire with guns blazing, landing a potent combo of kicks and punches. Both men fighting tooth and nail here.

Round Two:

Body kick for Ferguson as he charges out to start teh second. Good punch for Ferguson buckles Cerrone’s legs a little. Left again for Ferguson posing problems for Cerrone. ‘Cowboy’ gritting his teeth and firing back, but looking a little desperate.

Again Cerrone’s head is snapped back by a punch. Push kick to the body from Cerrone. hard leg kick from Ferguson.

Hard one-two for Cerrone. He then gets caught by a right hand himself. Good leg kick for Cerrone. Hard jab for Ferguson. Another punch lands for Ferguson and Cerrone blitzes forward with a flurry.

Another flurry for Cerrone. Right hand for Cerrone and then a head kick attempt. Cerrone walks into a spinning elbow, but stays standing.

Both men bleeding here, particularly Cerrone from his nose. Three-piece combo for Cerrone. Uppercut for Ferguson. Push kick for Cerrone.

Cerrone switches things up by going for a takedown. Ferguson quickly back up though and peels Cerrone’s hands away as he tried to get the back clinch.

Short right for Ferguson. leg kick for Cerrone. Left hook for Cerrone and then a head kick to follow.

Stepping leg kick for Ferguson. Front kick to the body. Jab for Ferguson. Another jab lands. Cerrone with a little flurry of punches and a leg kick.

Front kick to the body again for Ferguson. Elbow from Ferguson. Head kick attempt from Cerrone is blocked. Horn sounds and Ferguson landed a hard right hand just after that. Cerrone’s face was already bloodied and swollen before that, but that won’t have helped.

Inbetween rounds Cerrone blows his nose and his right eye swelled fully shut. He immediately reacts to it, feeling at the eye, but the damage has been done and after some deliberation the fight is waved off.

Ferguson wins this all-out war by way of TKO due to a doctor stoppage because of Cerrone’s eye. Replays show that the late punch Ferguson landed after the bell didn’t land to that eye though – it was all down to ‘Cowboy’ blowing his nose.

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