Tresean Gore Chokes Josh Fremd Unconscious At UFC Fight Night 213

Tresean Gore was able to choke Josh Fremd unconscious early in the second round tonight at UFC Fight Night 213 to earn his first win in the promotion.

Round One:

Jab for Fremd. Gore goes for a takedown at this early stage in the fight and lands it as Fremd tries for a guillotine choke.

Nothing on that submission, but Fremd starts to work his way back to his feet. Gore trying to threaten with a guillotine choke of his own, but Fremd defends and does get upright.

Gore pressing him into the cage now. Now he goes for another takedown, hoisting Fremd into the air and slamming him down.

Gore takes his back and gets his hooks in. Fremd tries to turn into him and doesn’t get on top, but does manage to stand and get back to striking range.

Jab for Gore. leg kick for Fremd. Front kick to the body from Fremd and a punch lands for Gore. Nice jab from Gore.

Solid jab for Fremd. He tries a question mark kick but it doesn’t pay off. Solid calf kick from Gore, front kick to the body from Fremd.

Fremd strikes his way into the clinch against the cage. Gore able to reverse the position though. Fremd breaks away.

Fremd lands a punch. He moves forward threatening with a knee. In close he gets another knee upstairs.

Round Two:

Fremd pumping out the jab repeatedly. Gore tries to counter. Leg kicks exchanged. Nice right hands from Fremd on the counter.

Fremd goes forward looking for a single leg takedown, but Gore counters with a standing choke. It’s tight and Fremd’s neck is wrenched in what’s more of a ninja choke than a guillotine as he tries in vain to escape, before being rendered unconscious at 0.49mins of Rd2. Big finish for Gore to secure his first UFC victory!

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