Valentina Shevchenko TKO’s Katyln Chookagian In Third Round At UFC 247

Valentina Shevchenko ran the show from start to TKO finish against Katyln Chookagian tonight at UFC 247 to retain her flyweight title.

Round one:

Leg kick for Shevchenko. They exchange leg kicks. Chookagian with a leg kick. Front kick to the body by Shevchenko.

Now a left and gets through for Shevchenko. Inside leg kick for the champion. Spinning backfist from Shevchenko.

Two-piece punch combo followed by a leg kick for Shevchenko. Inside leg kick for Chookagian. Another two punches followed by the leg kick from the champion.

Kick upstairs from Shevchenko just misses. Leg kick for her. Kick to the body from Chookagian, but then Shevchenko takes her down in the center of the Octagon.

Shevchenko in Chookagian’s full guard here. Big elbow from Shevchenko immediately opens up a bad cut to the side of Chookagian’s left eyebrow in the final seconds of the round.

Round Two:

despite working on the cut for a full minute Chookagian immediately has blood streaming down the side of her face again as they start the second round.

leg kick for Chookagian. Solid body kick for Shevchenko. Spining kick to the body from Shevchenko. Spinning kick attempt from Chookagian doesn’t land.

Another leg kick lands for Shevchenko. Hard push kick for the champion. One-two upstairs from Shevchenko as Chookagian was trying to land too.

leg kick for Chookagian. leg kick for Shevchenko now as Chookagian lands a grazing punch. Punch kick combo from Shevchenko.

Beautiful spinning kick to the face from Shevchenko. Then she lands an axe kick, but Chookagian is still upright – or at least until Shevchenko then opts to take her down in the center of the Octagon.

Half guard from Shevchenko. Chookagian gets her back to full guard. Shevchenko stays heavy on top to end the round.

Round Three:

Body kick from Chookagian. Now a leg kick. She lands a knee now and then almost pulls guard, but decides against it. However, then Shevchenko takes her down anyway.

Shevchenko immediately has her in the crucifix position and starts landing unanswered blows to the head, which soon leads to the referee moving in to save Chookagian from more punishment at 1.03mins of the third round.

A dominant performance from the champion then and it’s hard to see who is going to be able to stop her from continuing her reign at the top of the flyweight division.

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